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Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #59

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week! I know we have been in Norfolk! We have had many people coming in for Fathers day gifts, as a nice surprise we are doing £7 off any 70cl bottle of spirit in store so make sure you come in and treat your Father!

On Monday, It was a very busy day in store and online! We had plenty of online orders that took Porscha and myself most of the day to complete. I noticed a lot of Father’s day samplers were on order ready for the big day! Meanwhile I served a lovely man who was relatively new to cigars and wanted a nice selection to take on holiday. As a new cigar smoker you have to be careful as if they don’t enjoy smoking a cigar you will never see them again, whereas if they do enjoy it, you will have a customer for life. I suggested some of my favourites, Regius Serie Limitada, Plasencia Reserva Original, and of course the Mitchellero Robusto. He was recommended by his friend to try a torpedo shaped cigar, not something I traditionally suggest to a newer smoker, however I always say, once you have something in your mind, you are going to wish you bought it and only wonder what it would have tasted like. So I suggested the Joya De Nicaragua Clasico Torpedo, I remembered when Josh, one of our latest shop employees, began coming in as a customer, he tried the Clasico Torpedo when he first started smoking cigars and fell in love with it. I hope to see that customer again so he can let me know how he got on. Later on that day, I was asked to create a shop newsletter promoting the Trinidad 55th Anniversary Cigar Sampling Event. As these newsletters are aimed at customers who live near the shops, it’s only right to heavily advertise these events to those clients.

On Wednesday, I received an interesting email from one of our Directors. We had a lovely gentleman called Andy coming to Norfolk. Andy is a friend of the company and travels a lot to many different cigar events. So Ciaran and I were preparing ourselves ready to meet and serve him on whatever cigar and whisky needs he had. He treated himself to a Plasencia Orchant Seleccion 2024 Orchante, a Mitchellero Robusto and a La Gloria Medaille No. 4. We had a lovely chat about his numerous events he had been to, as well as snuff. He is also a big fan of snuff, he asked if we wanted to try some and taught us how to actually take snuff. I can say now from experience that snuff is actually quite nice, I suppose it will depend on the flavour but it was a delightful peach scent we had. 

Thursday was marketing day, I created an article for the C.Gars cigar library about five great lighters for beginners which you can read here. Similarly to the beginners cutter article, I wanted to have a variety of lighters and prices. I also spent some time taking pictures of the lighters. I didn’t realise how difficult it was taking pictures of lighters, it really shows the talent our marketing team have, being able to take beautiful pictures effortlessly. As it is the Euros coming up the staff has done a sweepstake for a bit of fun (and a bit of cash). I got Italy so now Sosteniamo l’Italia! For those that don’t speak Italian it means we support Italy. Obviously I would love England to win, but I would also like to win the competition! Later on I helped out the packing departments organise their packaging ready for another busy day.

On Friday, I was back in the shop with Josh. We had a lovely lady come in looking for a bottle of Bushmills, unfortunately we didn’t have what she wanted in stock, so we suggested a bottle of Tullamore Dew, it is relatively similar but most importantly it is an Irish Whiskey. She also bought a bottle of C.Gars malt which is always a good whisky to try! Afterwards, I fully stocked up both humidors ready for a busy weekend, we tend to get quite a few people come in and get last minute Fathers day gifts, so we always need to be prepared.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks happenings in the store and I hope to see you all in Norfolk very soon!

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #58

Hi Everyone, It’s been a very busy week here in Norfolk, although I haven’t been working in shop much this week, it has been very busy and behind the scenes I have been very busy too!

On Monday, I would usually be in the shop, picking the mountains of orders we get from over the weekend! However this week, I was booking parcels onto the Royal Mail system. Due to staff holidays, I was needed to help out, Ben and I were a dream team, getting through all of the orders with no problems! Meanwhile Sarah and Porscha took care of all of our customers, with a smile on their face!

Tuesday was my marketing day, I wrote an article for the C.Gars cigar library about the top 5 cigar cutters for beginners, which you can read here. Josh, who many of you know is relatively new to Turmeaus, had been mentioning to me about beginners not knowing what kind of cutter to get and he wanted to really show off what we do other than the big brands like Xikar and Colibri. So using this as my inspiration I chose five cutters that I believe are great for beginners and range across different price points too. Afterwards I spent extra time taking the pictures for the article, listening to the advice I took my time and really thought about what I wanted to take a picture of and what would accompany it. Afterwards I also created an article telling everyone about the great news we have had! Dominique London has opened a new La Casa Del Habano in Gran Canaria, you can read all about it here. I also started to piece together the C.Gars New World Cigar Subscription! And it is another incredible month for my subscribers! Make sure you take a look at our subscriptions here, you really do get a great bargain!

On Thursday, Billy and I was counting the New World cigars, in the process we noticed that there were many new cigars that we didn’t have last time! It’s almost like every time we count the New World humidor we discover a new release or a new brand entirely, this week we discovered a new range to the UK from Foundation cigarsFoundation Olmec Claro. I’m sure it will be another winner as everything from Foundation so far has certainly been a brilliant smoke! 

Friday was suddenly upon us and it was my first day actually working in the shop this week! I got through my pickings with Josh and then worked on the Cuban humidor, stocking it up as much as possible and even trying to get more ranges out! I then served a gentleman who knew exactly what he wanted – the Davidoff Signature No. 2 tubos, he was looking for a pack of four as it was convenient, however we didn’t have a pack in stock so as a compromise he bought four but at the same price of a pack, so he left as a happy customer and we still had a good sale. Later on I had one of my favourite customers who has been coming in for years, he treated himself to three boxes of Regius Orchant Seleccion Nicaragua 2023 Robusto. In the afternoon, Josh and I completed the Cuban stock count.

On Saturday, Porscha, Josh and myself had lots of price changes to do, it seems like the Cuban cigars have slightly gone down in price! So now is the time to treat yourself to a Cuban cigar! I served a great gentleman who was getting married in August and wanted a cigar corner at the reception. I know from experience that people at a wedding love a cigar whether they are a cigar smoker or not. So it is always good to get mostly cheaper premium cigars and then a few good cigars for the ones who actually smoke as they will get the full enjoyment. The gentleman chose to have 10 Mitchellero Robustos which are a great premium cigar for an unbelievable price, perfect for new smokers and A Tasty Selection Sampler which are for the experienced smokers. He also wanted a nice box to present them in, so I suggested a Regius Serie Limitada box as the gold will certainly shine at a wedding. He couldn’t believe how amazing the shop is and how he certainly will be a returning customer!

I hope you enjoyed what was going on in Norfolk this week! And I hope to see you all next week.

So long for now 


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #57

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend! We were as busy as ever despite the horrible weather in Norfolk!

On Tuesday, there were already lots of online orders to be packed, however Porscha and I still had a lot to pick! Once I finished my pickings I went into the packing department and packed as many as I could, my packing skills aren’t as good as they once were (for those who don’t know I actually started my career at Turmeaus in the Packing department) but any help is always appreciated. Once the packing department had caught up I helped out the Royal Mail booking team, to get all the orders I packed shipped out that day! So someone reading this may have had an order that I picked, packed and sent in the post! Meanwhile Porscha was serving all of our happy customers. It’s great to see her serve on her own as I know she struggles with confidence but I wouldn’t leave her to serve customers if I didn’t have confidence in her ability.

On Wednesday, I was mainly booking on parcels to the Royal Mail system. As it was near the end of the month, we send out our monthly cigar subscription so all of our subscribers would receive them by the 1st. So I helped book them all on, I also started researching for my next article for the C.Gars cigar library. Meanwhile in the shop Josh had a gentleman who had only started smoking cigars for around two weeks. He must be enjoying it spend over £500 on cigars! He listened to everything Josh said and had plenty of his suggested cigars, Josh was so happy he even kept the receipt! I remember my first big sale, It was a box of Partagas Salomones, the buzz you get from selling a box of cigars is incredible and knowing the customer has left happy is just the icing on the cake!

On Thursday, I was having a marketing day, so I wrote the article that I researched the day before. It’s all about cigar sizes for beginners, you can read it here. I also spent some time taking pictures for it and editing them. I also finalised all of the shop newsletters and scheduled them to be sent tomorrow. I almost forgot to do Norfolks newsletter! I am always so concerned about getting the other stores done on time that I always leave my own store until last! But with the help of the team for ideas I got it done fairly easily! This newsletter is based heavily around Father’s day.

On Friday, I was back in the shop with Josh. We had plenty of online orders to pick, I also had a lot of pipes to pick for the product listing team to take pictures of. They like to freshen up the pictures from time to time to try to make them easy on the eye and maybe even more noticeable. Josh served an elderly gentleman and his daughter, they always have a holiday to Norfolk every year and visit the shop every time! This time the gentleman went away with a box of 10 Montecristo no. 4 as well as King Edwards and a few Romeo y Julietas. In the afternoon as always we have the Cuban stock count, however this time there was a lot more stock to count! It seems that, after a few years of struggling to be able to get the stock, we can now order what we need instead of what we can, which is a great feeling! I have even seen some Cuban lines that I had never seen before!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog and I hope to see you all in Norfolk soon.

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #56

Hi everyone! I hope you are looking forward to the bank holiday weekend! I think many of our customers were preparing for a nice long weekend as we certainly saw plenty of you come in and treat yourselves to a nice cigar or three. 

On Monday, as always it was Porscha and myself working in the shop, picking the mountains of orders made over the weekend! It seemed never ending but we got there in the end! Afterwards I had a giant stock up of our Cuban stock. Once we complete our pickings on a Monday, the shelves always look a little bare so we tend to spend whatever time we have, refilling the shelves and of course serving our lovely customers. Talking of customers I had one gentleman come in looking for a Cohiba, but not just any Cohiba, he was looking for the Cohiba red dot. A lot of you may not have heard about the Cohiba red dot but they are mainly available in the USA due to the Cuban embargo, however you may see some when travelling around the world. The Cohiba in question is a Dominican brand not available in the UK due to the clash with the Cuban Cohiba, so in the UK they are known as Silencio – the same brand just a different name! After telling the customer the backstory behind the names of some cigar brands he was amazed! He purchased a Silencio red dot and black dot and went away learning something new too!

On Tuesday, I spent my day completing my marketing. I started by making an article on the C.Gars cigar library about Casa Turrent cigars which you can read here. I also spent time taking pictures and the banner for it. I have recently been given a few tips on how to improve my photography skills and hopefully my pictures will stick out a lot more and look much better too! After article writing, I finished completing the shop newsletters for the other shops we have. I would love to have a tour of Turmeaus and C.Gars shops to see how they all look and operate. I also created a news piece about the Davidoff Maduro cigars, which you can read here. This is another aspect I need to concentrate on, as news pieces are really important to show our customers about new products as well as interesting ones. 

On Thursday, Billy and I had our regular New World cigar stock count, we were amazed by the amount of Gurkha cigars we have in stock! And they looked incredible! We were particularly fond of the Gurkha Beauty 25th Anniversary, the cigar in its tube looked brilliant and the box it was presented in was a thing of beauty! Hence the name I imagine! I reckon people would buy these for the box alone! 

On Friday, after my usual pickings, I served a gentleman who was about to go to Bucharest in Romania. He had found a tobacconist online and wanted to see if firstly we stocked the cigars he was looking for and compare the price to see if he was getting a good deal buying them in Romania. It turns out that surprisingly he isn’t saving much by going there. He then wanted to look in our humidors and was excited to find the Drew Estate Factory Smokes were in stock. I’m sure I have said before that many people have been excited to see these as they are so popular in the USA, so to see them in the UK is brilliant! In the afternoon I completed the Cuban stock count with Sarah who has improved her stock counting abilities massively!

On Saturday, It was a great day with Porscha and Josh despite the terrible weather! Once we had completed our online order pickings, we updated all of our prices and had a general stock up ready for the bank holiday order picking! 

I hope you have enjoyed this week in Norfolk and please remember all of our stores are open 12pm-5pm on the bank holiday Monday so you can still come and see us in store!

So long for now 


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #55

Hi everyone! It was great to see some familiar faces and some not so local customers visit for the first time.

On Monday, Porscha and I were blown away by the amount of online orders we had to pick! The flash sale for the weekend, which was the Casual smoke sampler, was extremely popular! So much so that we ran out! Meanwhile I served a gentleman who was from Walsall! Which is not far from where I grew up! He was on the last day of his holiday and really wanted to visit our shop. I was very happy to serve him and was surprised to find out that his first cigar he smoked was an Aladino! Usually more experienced smokers tend to enjoy Aladinos, however to hear a relative beginner enjoy one really shows that there is no real beginner cigar as they all can be enjoyed whether you’re a novice or experienced. He treated himself to another Aladino as well as the H. Upmann Majestic. It’s safe to say he enjoyed our visit and I’m sure we will see more from him!

On Tuesday, I was joined by Sarah, we picked orders as usual and had a good tidy of the shop. Afterwards we continued our work on the till system, making sure all the cigars were correctly priced removing duplicates to ensure a more streamlined experience. 

On Wednesday, It was Porscha and myself running the shop again. Most of our regulars will be used to Josh being in the shop as that is his favourite place to be however, we have decided to train him up in other aspects of the job. So he was with Ciaran and learning the different aspects of pipe tobacco, how to pick them for online orders and also what tobacco goes in our samplers. Meanwhile I was helping Ben edit his pictures for the website, he is the man behind our tobacco samplers and wants to find better ways to promote them so he has been taking more artistic pictures and I have been helping to teach him how to edit them. I was also working with our general manager to find better ways to keep on top of our stock levels, ensuring we are ordering stock we need and overstocking in other places.

On Thursday, it was my day to concentrate on my pieces of marketing, however it seemed like I spent most of my time training other members of staff. To begin with I helped all of our retail staff understand our humidors a lot better. I trained them on what temperature and humidity our humidors should be kept at (69%-72% and around 18 degrees celsius for those interested) and what to do if they are high or low. I also spent time teaching them about plume and what to do if they see any as well as generic humidor maintenance. 

Afterwards I wrote an article for the C.Gars cigar library explaining about the history of whisky which you can read here. After this I was with Ben again training him on getting great pictures of his pipe tobacco. He has admitted that creativity isn’t his strong point, however with practise he will get there. We took a few pictures of different samplers and then spent some time editing them. After a few blips we got there and they are now on the website and he will be working through them all make sure you take a look! After spending time with Ben, I took pictures of my own, they are for next month’s cigar of the month of which I can’t reveal yet but they are ones that I have never considered trying but after reading about them I may have to treat myself! 

On Friday, I was back in the shop with Sarah, we were updating displays and having a general tidy up. As always in the afternoon we had our Cuban stock count, which we sped through incredibly fast!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks going on in Norfolk and I hope to see you all again soon!

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #54

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend! The weather sure is hotting up and I am noticing a lot more larger vitolas are now in demand to enjoy in the sun! 

As always we are open on bank holidays, so Sarah, Porscha and I worked hard to pick all of the online orders of which between the three of us was a mammoth task! I do remember over the years that there was less staff working bank holidays meaning I had to pick every single order by myself! Luckily now we have many more people available to help. Between us we picked all the orders, packed loads and I even booked on Royal Mail as many as I could! This gives us an unbelievable boost ahead of the rush on Tuesday! Meanwhile Porscha served a gentleman who a few years ago sold all of his cigars to quit smoking, but has now decided to enjoy them again. He came in and bought over 20 cigars and then Porscha (very smartly) asked if he needed to purchase a humidor to put them all in, I thought that was brilliant! He ended up purchasing the Savinelli High Lacquered Yellow and Carbon Fibre Humidor, to go along with his cigars! An unbelievable suggestion from Porscha. As much as we are sales people, we won’t sell you something you do not need. If it suits you we will suggest it but we do not heavily push these sales, and I think that is why we always have returning customers.

On Thursday I had my fortnightly New World stock count. However, this time Billy was unavailable, so Sarah stood in for him and she did incredibly well! She has never counted the New World cigars before but she did a great job and seemed confident in what she was doing! We finished at around 3pm and I could see Sarah was worn out, it is very tiring counting the New World cigars, especially for the first time – I do think Billy and myself are used to the feeling now. 

On Friday, I was only in for the morning so I spent my time doing as much as my marketing as I could. I wrote an article for the C.Gars cigar Library, this one was all about Blackbird cigars, which you can read here. I unfortunately wasn’t able to find time to take the pictures but I found some that our brilliant marketing team had already taken. I also contacted the rest of our shops asking for their June newsletter content, I can’t believe next month is June! Before you know it I’ll be singing Jingle Bells. 

I also served a gentleman who years ago used to smoke a small cigar to help him get to sleep, so he wanted some half corona sized cigars to enjoy and help sleep. I looked more towards the lighter cigars like a Davidoff Traveller Belicoso, Rafael Gonzales Perla and a Charatan Petit Corona, maybe I should make this into a sampler and call it “the help you sleep sampler” what do you think?

On Saturday it was Josh, Porscha and myself who was running the show, we picked all the orders and stocked the shelves. We had some lovely customers come in who had been visiting for years, even when we were back in Rollesby! They asked about the staff back then, most of whom have left but they were certainly happy about the service we provided. 

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s shortened blog. We will be back to a full week starting from Monday.

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #53

Hi everyone! How are you getting on? Life here in Turmeaus Norfolk is always great! I hope you can all come and see all of our friendly staff here very soon! 

On Monday I worked through my never ending stack of online orders! Myself and Josh (who was drafted in at the last minute to help) got through them as quickly as we could! Once I completed my pickings, I stocked up the humidor and organised the pipes in the pipe room. Later on in the afternoon, Ben, who deals with our pipe tobacco samplers, needed help taking marketing pictures of his samplers. He wants to improve the regular listing pictures and wanted them to look much better, so I gave my advice and showed him how to use my camera, and then there was the editing. He was completely new to our editing software so I showed him a few tips on how to adjust colours and effects that can really make his pictures stand out! What do you think? Later on I served a regular customer who always trusts my judgement! Whenever I let him choose his own cigar he isn’t happy but when I select one for him he enjoys it! He mentioned he was going to be having it with a peated whisky, so I suggested the Tabernacle David, as the fruity flavours would go well with the smokiness. Upon hearing my regular enjoyed peated whisky, I recommend trying the Stalla Dhu Islay, which has won numerous awards at the world whisky awards! He tried it and instantly fell in love to the point that he purchased a full size bottle! It’s safe to say he went home very happy.

I was back in the shop Tuesday with Sarah. I served a couple who wanted to buy some cigars for their Grandad, they didn’t know what to get at all and told me to get what I think would be best! So I suggested the Tabernacle David, Inka Secret Blend Red Petit Corona, Mitchellero Robusto and a tin of La Flor Dominicana Los Carajos. They then saw the Montecristo selection and wanted to treat him to a Cuban, they chose the Montecristo no. 4 which is always a reliable smoke! Safe to say they went home happy! Meanwhile I was also planning June’s New World Cigar Subscription and as always they are amazing! The amount of money you save is incredible! And you get to try cigars that you may not even know exist. 

On Wednesday, I was drafted in to parcel booking on! Ben was off ill and so I took over and I absolutely smashed it, if I do say so myself! This is the second time being left alone booking on parcels and although it is nerve wracking not having a more experienced person with you, sometimes you have to get through it and at the end of the day I felt proud!

On Thursday, it was my marketing day! I firstly had a meeting with the marketing team, coming up with ideas for the website and getting prepared for Fathers day! So you will see some changes very soon! Afterwards, I created an article for the C.Gars cigar library, all about Vegas Robaina cigars! Which you can read here, I didn’t know that they only started in 1997! That makes me older than a prestigious Cuban brand! I also started planning next week’s marketing as the bank holiday has fallen on a week when I am incredibly busy with stock takes! 

On Friday, I was back in the shop with Josh and we were stocking the shelves up to the max ready for the bank holiday weekend! Together we worked through the pipe tobacco and pipe room to make it tip top! We’re usually very busy in store and online over bank holidays so we need to keep the shop looking brilliant as always! As always I had the Cuban Stock take to complete, with the assistance of Josh, we got it done perfectly!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks goings on and I hope to see you all in Norfolk soon, I have a coffee waiting for you!

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #52

Hi everyone! I hope you have had yet another great week! It’s great to see all of our regular faces in store and some new ones to go alongside.

We had a great Monday! Firstly Sarah and myself worked through what seemed like a never ending stack of online orders, after that I helped out the packing team to help get the orders packed up and ready to go. I also served a gentleman who seemed to love his Padron cigars, he was choosing many different vitolas like the Padron 2000 natural and maduro as well as the Damaso no.8 and no.12. He then decided to see how much a box of the Padron 2000 maduro was, once I told him he instantly wanted it! Once we were finished in the humidor he purchased a Cigarism gift set which included a cutter, lighter and ashtray. A great selection for himself!

On Tuesday it was my marketing day and I was very busy. I was creating all of the newsletters for our retail customers. I work with all of our stores and see what’s going on in their shop and help them promote certain products. This certainly kept me busy but it is very interesting work! In the afternoon, I created an article for the C.Gars cigar library, it was all about Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, click here to read all about it! I then took the pictures using our fancy new lights! They are great to use and can create great effects. 

On Thursday, it was the fortnightly New World stock count. Humidor manager Billy and I counted as quickly as we could and surprisingly had it done by lunch time! I remember when we first started it took the full day! But it shows, practice makes perfect! Afterwards I was analysing our in store Spirits and Pipe sales and comparing to see what does best and I was pleasantly surprised to see how equal it was! Even though we sell more pipes, the value of the alcohol surpassed the value of the pipes! 

On Friday, It was the day of sending out cigar subscriptions, so I helped Ben book them onto the royal mail system. We have loads of subscribers so it really is a 2 person job to get them all done. We were having I.T issues so it made this task even more difficult! But we persisted through and got them all out to our happy customers. In the afternoon Ciaran and I completed the Cuban stock count in a record time for us.

Working Saturdays always sound like a chore but I really enjoy them! We don’t have the usual tasks that work through in the week, so we get to fully concentrate our efforts in the shop. This will include updating displays, stocking the shelves and deep cleaning. Saturdays are also a great time for training. Josh has been brilliant with our customers and his service really is incredible, however he lacks in the more technical aspects of the job and so that is what I will be working on with him.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog and I hope to see you all in store very soon

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #51

Hi everyone! I hope you have been enjoying your smokes in the crazy weather we have had recently. I was on holiday the week before but I know you were all looked after by Sarah, Porscha, Ciaran and Josh. 

My return was on Saturday, I had a lovely look around the shop to see the team had kept up with our regular high standards. I was also amazed to see we have a new Orchant Seleccion! The Rocky Patel Orchant Seleccion! This comes in three different vitolas and features a Honduran Wrapper, Binder and Filler as well as Nicaraguan Binder and Filler. A blend that will soon be considered to be a masterpiece! 

On Monday it was incredibly busy with online orders, myself and Sarah were running around like crazy to get them complete! And we did by the afternoon! In the afternoon we decided to have a complete revamp of the pipe room displays, we took what we had existing off the shelves and came up with new ideas. Sarah decided she wanted to promote Missouri Meerschaum pipes, so we put more of their pipes out on display, especially the more eccentric looking ones and I think it looks great!

On Tuesday, I was having a big marketing day! I made two new images for the monitors in the humidor, One is about Orchant Seleccion cigars (Including the new Rocky Patel). The other is for the cigar Pick ‘n’ Mix which is an in-store only offer and boy is it a good one! A choice of five cigars, a travel humidor, a cutter and a lighter – all for £99.99! An absolute bargain! I got myself ahead on the second monitor by taking the pictures of next month’s cigars of the month early, so I wouldn’t have to worry next week. I also wrote an article for the C.Gars cigar library all about E.P. Carrillo! You can click here to view the article. Meanwhile Sarah was carrying on with her pipe displays. She has made a lovely pipe filter pyramid, which took a lot of patience to do as well as another display on a separate table displaying some beautiful pipes. 

On Wednesday, I was back in the shop with Josh. If you haven’t met Josh you really need to as he is a great character and an even better sales assistant! We had a lovely couple come in and were looking to get themselves a box of C.Gars Dutch Senoritas. Not only did they buy the box but Josh was able to advise them into purchasing a tin of Tabak Oscuro. They left very happy indeed. I also added to the pipe display! On another shelf I put out a beginners pipe tobacco sampler as you get a lot for your money and as the name implies, great for beginners! It has already garnered interest! I also put some cleaning accessories on display, the main one that caught my eye was the Neerup leather pipe mat and brush kit – It is all you need to fully maintain your pipe!

On Thursday I took part in the fortnightly marketing meeting. We discussed Lewis’ and Billy’s new podcast Sip ‘n’ Smoke, it was received by our audience really well! You can watch it on Youtube here or on Spotify. We have also decided to put more pipe tobacco samplers in store and relate them to the shop staff, I have already created mine but you’ll have to wait and see what it is when it appears on the website! 

On Friday, It was Josh and myself in the shop as the dream team. We worked through our pickings and had many customers coming in to purchase pipes! I think this is the first time I have ever known pipes to outsell cigars! As always Peterson was the most popular brand but I would say that Vauen is catching up, I think the unique designs of Vauen are starting to catch the eye of our customers. In the afternoon Sarah and I completed the Cuban stock take.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and I hope to see you in store soon!


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #50

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Easter weekend! I certainly enjoyed all the chocolate that came with it. Another interesting week happening at Turmeaus Norfolk, including a new addition to the shop.

On Tuesday, We had plenty of online orders to pick but as a team we all completed them all rather quickly, so I went through different tasks that Ciaran and Porscha should complete in the shop. I am on holiday next week and as I treat the shop as my baby I do get worried when I am away, which is why I am going through the shop in a lot of detail. I also served a lovely gentleman who needed a new lighter, I suggested looking at the Colibri range as they are top quality lighters that come with a two year warranty. In the end he was persuaded to buy the Colibri Boss Triple Jet lighter as it also came with a built in cutter. I am certainly jealous of him with his new cutter. I also organised the New World Cigar Subscription and it certainly is a good one! Definitely get one if you like a bargain! We also set up the coffee machine ready for our customers to enjoy!

On Wednesday I was certainly surprised to hear that I was needed to book on the parcels for the parcel dispatch team! Due to staff illness I was called upon and I would like to say I smashed it! I did require help at times but as a team we did extremely well. Meanwhile Ciaran and Josh took care of the shop and kept it looking tidy while I was occupied.

On Thursday I was busy with my marketing tasks. I wrote an article on the C.Gars cigar library about Oscar Valladares cigars, I also took the pictures too and I think they look pretty good, Click here to view. In the afternoon Cally and Alfonso from Tor came in to talk us through accessories and how to sell them in store. It was very interesting especially the Les Fines Lames Cigar punch bracelet, it looks beautiful and is also very handy.

On Friday I took a picture of our latest in store only sampler. It’s a pick a mix where we have a list of 10 cigars and the customer gets to choose 5 and also receive a travel humidor, cutter and lighter! This will be priced at £99.99 and that is a bargain as the cigars could cost this alone which means you could get the travel humidor, cutter and lighter for free! I also organised a meeting with Josh and Sarah to see how knowledgeable they are and I went through shop tasks that they need to keep on top of while I’m away. 

I hope you enjoyed this slightly shorter blog, I won’t see you all next week as I will be having an action packed holiday, but make sure you come in to see Ciaran, Porscha, Sarah and Josh.

So long for now