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Hi everyone, it seems like a while since I’ve posted a blog. I have been ill and had a holiday so this is my first full week back and what a week we had!

On Monday it was the usual pickings which keeps us busy for almost the whole day but we had a very special guest! Our Managing Director Mitchell Orchant came for a visit and he looked very pleased with the shop. He certainly enjoyed all of Sharon’s displays and gave our humidor supervisor Billy some great advice to keep on top of our humidors. Sharon also created a Mother’s day gift box, exclusive to the Norfolk store; it contains a Larutan JL cigar, a Y BĒT Rose Vodka and an Orchant Seleccion candle! All for the great price of £19.99! Perfect for any mother! 

Tuesday I wrote an article all about Gurkha cigars for the C.Gars cigar library which you can read here, I took the time to take all of the pictures for the article too. In the afternoon I finished my subscription leaflets and ordered them ready for the April boxes and if you haven’t subscribed, why haven’t you?! The value of subscription boxes are really high in comparison to what you actually pay and you might find your new favourite cigar.

Wednesday I had Courtney in the shop, training her on all things cigars. You will start to see her a lot more especially on weekends as she starts to learn how to sell cigars to our lovely customers, so please welcome her and be patient as she learns.

Thursday after the massive amount of pickings I wrote another article for the Turmeaus cigar library which will be ready soon.

Friday had the usual pickings but the shop was unusually quiet and I think that may be because of the snow blizzard we had outside! We had to set the heating extremely high just to keep warm. To help us keep warm me and Sharon organised the pipe room to be able to fit even more pipes! It seems like everyday we get new pipes in so it can be hard to keep up. We also tried the new Dominique London Privee Liberation Cigar Cognac! I’ve never been a fan of Cognac, however, this is actually rather tasty! You could taste the grapes as well as fresh apples. Very yummy indeed!

I hope you all enjoyed my blog and I hope to see you all in store very soon!

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

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