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Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I haven’t posted in a while, we have been so busy in store and online! So much so that I haven’t had a chance to sit down! So what’s been going on in the Norfolk store?

We have had plenty of customers treating themselves to the highly enjoyable Por Larranaga 47, we have almost finished our allocation in Norfolk! But fear not, I will contact the rest of our stores to see if they have any left.
Our Christmas raffle is doing incredibly well! We have had so many people buy as many tickets as possible! And I can’t blame them as the contents include a Colibri Pacific pipe lighter, a bottle of the Dominique London Privee Liberation Cognac, a bag of Cuban coffee and more great surprises! The winner will be announced on Friday, so you need to act fast if you want to enter.

I have been incredibly busy making two months worth of New World Subscription boxes. The December box was certainly special as it came with a Christmas cracker that I know you would all enjoy! The January Subscription box is extra special as I have been able to get a hold of cigars that are yet to be released in the UK! I have always said being a subscriber has its benefits and one of them is being able to get cigars before anyone else! I hope my loyal subscribers thoroughly enjoy them.
Of course I have been keeping up to date with the C.Gars cigar library. I have made a couple about gift ideas as after all it is the time for gift giving. Some people who are not educated in cigars love to buy for their cigar smoking companion, but don’t know what to purchase; that’s where my articles come in handy – you can look at them here.

In the shop I have had plenty of people looking for gifts too and luckily I made a display which showcases our spirit miniature gift pack (I made it look Christmassy of course), which has been a hit! I have had to keep stocking the table like there’s no tomorrow! Our Christmas samplers have also been a massive hit in store and online! With lots of customers opting for the Winter Wonderland Christmas Gift Sampler and I can see why… Five lovely cigars, a cutter and a few chocolates – it is everything you need in a beautiful gift box!

We have had plenty of our regulars coming in and stocking up, ready for Christmas including Tony who filled his humidor to the brim with a box of Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion Shortys, a box of Mitchellero Torcedors, a Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Invictos Robusto, a Liga Privada no.9 Flying Pig and a tin of Liga Privada T52 Coronets. I’m sure he will be having a very Merry Christmas indeed! We have had many customers continue to enjoy the Mitchellero range and the latest Peru additions are a real hit! We have recently received stock of the new Regius Orchant Seleccion 2023 Nicaragua edition. These cigars are released each year with extra age which continues to be a popular blend.

The Savinelli St Nicholas 2023 pipes have proved very popular with our customers and this has left only a few left in our store! The perfect pairing for this range of pipe? Well the Gawith Hoggarth Seasonal Reserve obviously, it is one of my favourite blends and you should try it when you can.

One of my favourite customers partner came in and wanted to treat him to a lighter but wasn’t sure as he has a particular style. I instantly knew what he wanted as this customer and myself have chatted often to the point that we see each other outside of Turmeaus to enjoy a smoke or two. I recommended the Vertigo by Lotus Condor Pipe Lighter which comes with pipe tools inside (always handy) and it was a matte black which suited his style. I received feedback to say he loved it and it’s exactly what he was looking for. I always love receiving positive feedback from our customers!

So that is a summary of what has been going on in Norfolk. As always I’m available to be at your service or just a general chat.
So long for now

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