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Hi all, I hope you enjoyed my first blog, I received some great feedback and I do appreciate it. The traditional Monday again of picking online orders all day has arrived, such a mixture of different cigars really keeps me on my toes but I think I know our two humidors like the back of my hand now. The accessories however are a different story, without the help of my colleagues I would be struggling a lot more and vice versa as they ask for my help when it comes to cigars, you know what they say “Teamwork makes the dreamwork”. I managed to squeeze in writing my next article about considerations when purchasing a cigar, I’ve always seen ourselves as a company who likes to help out our customers with our friendly faces but also our advice, If you have been served by me in our Norfolk shop you will know that I never force a cigar upon anyone but I will steer you away from ones that I don’t think are right for you and I like to carry that on to my articles.

I had two amazing customers who had visited from Canada! They had been to our store in Mayfair and then made a visit to us in Norfolk. They really enjoyed themselves and found our pipe room incredible, they also mentioned that there aren’t really any shops like ours over there. They spent around 45 minutes looking at all of our pipes and in the end settled on two Peterson pipes as well as some tasty tobacco of which they can’t find in Canada. I also found out that pipe tobacco is in fact more expensive over there too! I really enjoyed talking to them about different pipes and I felt overjoyed when they took my recommendations too.

Interesting start to my Tuesday as I had a lovely lady who came in with a picture of Jethro (Many youngsters may not know who that is) holding a pipe and wanted one just like that for her husband, again this took a lot of my pipe knowledge to find one similar and in the end she went home happy which always makes me overjoyed. Nikki, our marketing planner came to me today to ask for two Adorini articles to be published over the next couple of months so by the afternoon I finished writing them and started taking pictures, I must say Adorini accessories look incredibly cool and beautiful, they might be my next purchase. 

Wednesday was a scheduled day off so moving on to Thursday and I spent the whole day stock taking our New World humidor with our new Humidor Supervisor Billy and we didn’t even complete it. Luckily I had my colleague Sharon working double duty covering the shop for me as well as booking on parcels for online customers! You will all see her soon enough full time in the shop from the 16th of November as we’re all having a little shuffle around (don’t worry I’m going nowhere). We had quite a few customers purchasing our vast range of pipe tobacco, when I first started I didn’t picture pipe tobacco being this popular! But honestly it flies off the shelf quicker than I can put it on the shelves!

Friday started with me picking orders and once I had finished picking it was back to counting the cigars in the New World humidor with Billy. It was a long and gruelling process but we got there in the end and now he is planning some new exciting samplers for you all to try, coming to the website soon!

Saturday I completed the Cuban humidor stock take so now we know exactly what cigars we have.  If you haven’t been in our shop yet then you won’t have seen our Halloween decorations! It’s a very spooky place muahahaha! The Halloween theme is also on the C.Gars website and we have special section for gifts to enjoy over this fun time of year which you can see here. I particularly like the new Peterson Halloween pipes, the orange stem is such a unique colour it really makes you stand out from the crowd.

Hope you enjoyed my blog

So long for now 🙂


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  1. Excellent, Oliver. Really entertaining. Keep it up. I wish I lived closer to your shop, but still online or telephone ordering produces the goods and C. Gars staff are unfailingly friendly.

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