Boveda – The Simple Humidification System

Boveda is a two-way humidity control pouch which is designed to be used with desktop humidors to keep your cigars in the correct condition at home. There are other ways of controlling the humidity, for example with a humidifier unit, but these require more attention and topping up with distilled water every now and then which is not ideal for a busy cigar lover! Boveda pouches on the other hand can be simply placed inside your humidor and they do all the hard work for you!

Although these are simple to use, if you are new to cigar storage then the options for pack sizes and humidity levels can be overwhelming. So, here is our quick guide to what Boveda is best for you…

What size Boveda pack do I need for my Humidor?

The standard go to Boveda pack is the 60g pack. You will need one of these for every 25 cigars your humidor holds. So, the larger the humidor, the more packs you will need. These will last you approximately 2-4 months. When they turn rock hard to the touch, you know they need replacing.

Another option for the larger capacity humidors would be to use a 320g pack. This saves you using multiple 60g packs and these larger ones last up to 6 times longer! They are suitable for humidors ranging from 25 to 150 cigar capacity. Again, once these packs become rigid then you know it needs replacing.

For travel humidors/cases, we would recommend using a small 8g Boveda pack. These work in the same way but for smaller spaces.

What RH level pack should I choose?

65%: Designed for Cuban cigars because Cuban cigars tend to mould at a higher RH level. Keep your Cuban cigars at or lower than 65%RH. This RH is also good for Dominican or Puro cigars due to personal preference or flavour profile.

69%: Designed for airtight humidors including but not exclusively for Boveda humidor bags, Boveda acrylic humidors, polymer travel humidor. Works well in high-end humidors including but not exclusively Elie Bleu and Daniel Marshall.

72%: Designed for most wood humidors. Wood humidors exchange moisture, it is not uncommon to see a decrease of 2–5%RH. The 72% accommodates the moisture loss allowing the humidor to maintain a high 60s RH level. We recommend the 72%RH as your first Boveda in your wooden humidor after seasoning.

75%: Designed for your inexpensive or glass top humidors. The 75% accommodates a high amount of moisture loss allowing the humidor to maintain a high 60s RH level.

84%: Designed ONLY for seasoning a wood humidor WITHOUT cigars in it. This formula is specifically designed to provide moisture directly to the cellular structure of the wood humidor. The amount of moisture required is greater than the wipe down of it. If you haven’t seasoned with Boveda 84%, you haven’t seasoned at all!

All Boveda are accurate to +/- 1% of the RH printed on the pack in an airtight environment.

Once you have discovered which Boveda is right for your humidor and cigars, you simply need to place the right amount/size pack inside your humidor and let them take care of the rest. Make sure that you are checking them after a while to ensure that they haven’t gone rigid/hard. And when they do you know it is time to replace the pack with a new one.

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