Puffins and Petersons

This is my first blog since I visited the Puffin’ rooms, which was nearly a week ago now, but I’m still blown away by it. I knew to expect something special, as I’d seen a few photos of it and have had glowing reviews from several customers who like to frequent both locations. However, nothing could prepare me for just how ridiculously awesome it has turned out! From the moment you walk in, you know something special is going on. Low light, sleek black leather chairs and tables and a piano positioned in the corner of the room, just to remind you that you’re standing in the coolest jazz bar in the country. They even have back lit menus so you don’t have to strain your eyes. Amazing.

The mandatory cigar sampling area in Late Night Turmeaus is spacious yet cosy, with plenty of space to sit and enjoy good cigars and good company, with a gorgeous “Humidor Wall” filled with some of the finest cigars available on hand for convenience. I had to get back to Chester, so I didn’t have the chance to stay to check out their food, but even a cursory glance at their menu lets you know you’re in for a real treat if you do stop to eat there.

The Liverpool Turmeaus itself has changed a lot since I was last there too, with the former “Whisky and Pipe” section now dedicated purely to top quality spirits and it’s now absolutely bulging with them. Don’t fret though, pipe smokers: There’s still a great variety of pipes and tobacco available for us!

Make sure you check out these stores if you haven’t already. You definitely won’t regret it.

Anyway, back to other news. We’ve recently been looking at our Peterson range and looking at some of the lesser known types. It really is an astoundingly large and varied range. Peterson’s trademark “P-lip” and “Peterson System” feature in all of their standard range pipes, but they also have various ranges of more “Normal” pipes that feature traditional mouthpieces.

One of my favourites is the Aran range, which feature pipes with a smooth matte brown finish and an extensive range of classic English shapes and sizes, from Bulldogs (Aran 105) to Apples (Aran 03). Each pipe is finished with a fishtail mouthpiece – which combines comfort with an excellent spread of smoke for maximum flavour and coolness – and is fitted to a nickel mount. These are truly classic pipes.

These are my favourite for “Classic” pipes, but here are a few of my top picks for something a little different (cos you know how much I like things that are “Different”!)

Peterson Racing Green

This range really represents Peterson’s proud Irish roots, by offering a selection of pipes with a beautiful and striking, emerald green finish. This is combined with a Hallmarked Sterling Silver band, which compliments the colour of the wood and the black of the stem wonderfully. For a unique style of pipe, there’s a decent range of shapes on offer here.

Honourable mention to the Irish Sea range, which is similar, but the bowls are coloured an incredible deep sea blue/green, with a double nickel band. Breathtakingly beautiful.

A couple for the horror fans…

Double entry for this one, as they’re both suited to fans of classic horror. The Jekyll and Hyde Collection is hands down one of the most unique pipes available. Like its namesake, it features two distinct characters. One half is smooth, while the other half is rough. Guaranteed to raise eyebrows wherever you go!

The second half of this entry is slightly less weird, but in my opinion it’s the more beautiful of the two. The Dracula Ebony range was originally made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of author Bram Stroker, but is now a regular member of the Perterson line-up. It features pipes made from jet black ebony briar, contrasted against a bold, blood red stem with added gothic graphics on the stem and a winged bat engraved on the nickel band. Striking, but in no way tacky. Quite the achievement, really!

Belgique & Calabash

After running through some really unusual pipes, I thought I’d finish with something delicate and simple. These pipes are small, delicate and lightweight. They’re ideal for quick smokes or for gently sipping a slow burning tobacco. Again, a fishtail mouthpiece allows for maximum spread of the smoke from a small bowl. These miniature marvels are a perfect example of Petersons’ skills are pipe makers.

So those are my top picks for Petersons that are a little different from their standard “P-lip and System” Combo. I hope I’ve given you some cool ideas for your next pipe!

We’re just about ready for our next tasting event in Chester on Weds 20th September. There are a last few places available if you happen to be reading this before Wednesday evening), so drop me an email on [email protected] or call us on 01244 348821 if you’d like to join us!

Until next time: Put that in your pipe and smoke it!



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