Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #52

Hi everyone! I hope you have had yet another great week! It’s great to see all of our regular faces in store and some new ones to go alongside.

We had a great Monday! Firstly Sarah and myself worked through what seemed like a never ending stack of online orders, after that I helped out the packing team to help get the orders packed up and ready to go. I also served a gentleman who seemed to love his Padron cigars, he was choosing many different vitolas like the Padron 2000 natural and maduro as well as the Damaso no.8 and no.12. He then decided to see how much a box of the Padron 2000 maduro was, once I told him he instantly wanted it! Once we were finished in the humidor he purchased a Cigarism gift set which included a cutter, lighter and ashtray. A great selection for himself!

On Tuesday it was my marketing day and I was very busy. I was creating all of the newsletters for our retail customers. I work with all of our stores and see what’s going on in their shop and help them promote certain products. This certainly kept me busy but it is very interesting work! In the afternoon, I created an article for the C.Gars cigar library, it was all about Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, click here to read all about it! I then took the pictures using our fancy new lights! They are great to use and can create great effects. 

On Thursday, it was the fortnightly New World stock count. Humidor manager Billy and I counted as quickly as we could and surprisingly had it done by lunch time! I remember when we first started it took the full day! But it shows, practice makes perfect! Afterwards I was analysing our in store Spirits and Pipe sales and comparing to see what does best and I was pleasantly surprised to see how equal it was! Even though we sell more pipes, the value of the alcohol surpassed the value of the pipes! 

On Friday, It was the day of sending out cigar subscriptions, so I helped Ben book them onto the royal mail system. We have loads of subscribers so it really is a 2 person job to get them all done. We were having I.T issues so it made this task even more difficult! But we persisted through and got them all out to our happy customers. In the afternoon Ciaran and I completed the Cuban stock count in a record time for us.

Working Saturdays always sound like a chore but I really enjoy them! We don’t have the usual tasks that work through in the week, so we get to fully concentrate our efforts in the shop. This will include updating displays, stocking the shelves and deep cleaning. Saturdays are also a great time for training. Josh has been brilliant with our customers and his service really is incredible, however he lacks in the more technical aspects of the job and so that is what I will be working on with him.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog and I hope to see you all in store very soon

So long for now


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