Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #53

Hi everyone! How are you getting on? Life here in Turmeaus Norfolk is always great! I hope you can all come and see all of our friendly staff here very soon! 

On Monday I worked through my never ending stack of online orders! Myself and Josh (who was drafted in at the last minute to help) got through them as quickly as we could! Once I completed my pickings, I stocked up the humidor and organised the pipes in the pipe room. Later on in the afternoon, Ben, who deals with our pipe tobacco samplers, needed help taking marketing pictures of his samplers. He wants to improve the regular listing pictures and wanted them to look much better, so I gave my advice and showed him how to use my camera, and then there was the editing. He was completely new to our editing software so I showed him a few tips on how to adjust colours and effects that can really make his pictures stand out! What do you think? Later on I served a regular customer who always trusts my judgement! Whenever I let him choose his own cigar he isn’t happy but when I select one for him he enjoys it! He mentioned he was going to be having it with a peated whisky, so I suggested the Tabernacle David, as the fruity flavours would go well with the smokiness. Upon hearing my regular enjoyed peated whisky, I recommend trying the Stalla Dhu Islay, which has won numerous awards at the world whisky awards! He tried it and instantly fell in love to the point that he purchased a full size bottle! It’s safe to say he went home very happy.

I was back in the shop Tuesday with Sarah. I served a couple who wanted to buy some cigars for their Grandad, they didn’t know what to get at all and told me to get what I think would be best! So I suggested the Tabernacle David, Inka Secret Blend Red Petit Corona, Mitchellero Robusto and a tin of La Flor Dominicana Los Carajos. They then saw the Montecristo selection and wanted to treat him to a Cuban, they chose the Montecristo no. 4 which is always a reliable smoke! Safe to say they went home happy! Meanwhile I was also planning June’s New World Cigar Subscription and as always they are amazing! The amount of money you save is incredible! And you get to try cigars that you may not even know exist. 

On Wednesday, I was drafted in to parcel booking on! Ben was off ill and so I took over and I absolutely smashed it, if I do say so myself! This is the second time being left alone booking on parcels and although it is nerve wracking not having a more experienced person with you, sometimes you have to get through it and at the end of the day I felt proud!

On Thursday, it was my marketing day! I firstly had a meeting with the marketing team, coming up with ideas for the website and getting prepared for Fathers day! So you will see some changes very soon! Afterwards, I created an article for the C.Gars cigar library, all about Vegas Robaina cigars! Which you can read here, I didn’t know that they only started in 1997! That makes me older than a prestigious Cuban brand! I also started planning next week’s marketing as the bank holiday has fallen on a week when I am incredibly busy with stock takes! 

On Friday, I was back in the shop with Josh and we were stocking the shelves up to the max ready for the bank holiday weekend! Together we worked through the pipe tobacco and pipe room to make it tip top! We’re usually very busy in store and online over bank holidays so we need to keep the shop looking brilliant as always! As always I had the Cuban Stock take to complete, with the assistance of Josh, we got it done perfectly!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks goings on and I hope to see you all in Norfolk soon, I have a coffee waiting for you!

So long for now


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