Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #13

Hello everyone, another busy week has gone by! Where does the time go! Monday was again another busy day with picking orders and in the store we had our regulars come in for their usual cigars. I love working in a shop with regular customers as I get to learn about their lives and what they enjoy/don’t enjoy. One gentleman loves King Edwards Imperials and only smokes them when he’s golfing. He told me one lasts 3 holes… not bad. In the afternoon I was finalising the leaflets for the March subscription. I often forget what month we are in as I try to get ahead of the game so I could be working on April’s subscriptions in February and then start using the wrong date for everything.

Tuesday was more relaxed for pickings so I finished those quickly so I could stock up the humidors. Our humidor manager is having a great time with Davidoff in the Dominican Republic right now so me and Sharon are taking care of the humidors for him and I would say we are doing a great job of it. 

On Wednesday after our pickings Sharon was updating the pricing as they change constantly, however this time it made me happy to say that the Davidoff, Plasencia, Camacho, PSyKo 7 and Avo range has gone down in price! So get them while they are at this great price! Both me and Sharon also helped out in the packing room as they were understaffed due to illnesses. We also try to ensure all orders ordered during the day are sent the same day as we believe you deserve your cigars as soon as possible.

Thursday I was without Sharon so had all of the cigar picking so it took me longer than what I wanted but they take priority over anything else I do (other than serving my lovely customers in store ofcourse). Once I finished them I wrote an article for the C.Gars cigar library all about Padron Cigars which you can read here. I also made a start on the Turmeaus cigar library, we are not making it available yet until I have enough content for you all to enjoy so hopefully soon!

Friday I was without Sharon again so I had a lot of picking. Friday is Cuban stocktake day but as im on my own it does make it more difficult to do and I do have to do it in bits in between my pickings and customers but if I don’t complete it today it’s not an issue as Sharon is working on Saturday so she will finish it for me

Hope you’re enjoying my blogs and so long for now


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