Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #12

Hello everyone I hope you are well. We have had a busy week here in Norfolk, Monday was a lot of order picking which never seemed to end! But when it did me and Sharon decided to organise the display pipes a bit more making sure it was easier for customers to see and for our pickers to find the boxes for each pipe, this has been successful and our pickers are more than happy! Tuesday was Sharons last day for the rest of the week, so she made sure she finished her displays as they are her pride and joy now. I concentrated on taking pictures for my new article and finally finished writing it which you can read here, it’s about the differences between Artisan pipes and factory made pipes. I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday I was surprised to see our Brands manager Paul bringing in boxes from his car into the shop. They contained new gift bags for any purchase of Foragers and I must say they are lovely, you should buy a bottle to see for yourself! Paul was also here to have a meeting with Davidoff and the marketing team, I was not involved in this meeting however one of the highlights is already on the website available to purchase, the release of the Davidoff Signature no.1 which is the first limited edition of 2023! And if they’re as good as the Signature no.2 I would suggest getting yours now! The meeting seemed to go well as there were smiling faces afterwards.

Paul came back to us on Thursday, this time meeting another supplier of ours Tor Imports. This would be my first time meeting Scott who is the Managing Director of Tor and I can say he is a lovely gentleman and taught me a lot about New World cigars which is what they mainly provide us. Also on Thursday I had another nice gentleman come in and spend a hefty amount with us, he spent the second biggest amount I’ve ever seen here! I didn’t see what website he was on but he had two top 10 lists he was looking at and wanted to purchase 5 of each! Unfortunately we didn’t have all he was looking for but he certainly left with many bags full of cigars! We definitely hit many targets.

Friday I was busy picking orders again and then Cuban stock take, I was able to enlist the help of Shanel, one our apprentices, to help me out. She’s trying to learn the different shapes and sizes of cigars to help with her studies, she seems to be picking it up fast. At the end of the day one our Directors Laura announced to me that we finally have a cigar library on the Turmeaus website! So from now on I will be writing articles on there to help you all with your cigar knowledge! 

I hope you are enjoying my blog, I am off next week so you guys won’t hear from me until the week after.

So long for now!

Oliver 🙂

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