Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #22

Hi everyone, I hope you didn’t miss me too much last week, I enjoyed a lovely week off but now it’s back to business! 

Monday morning brought online order pickings, but I had to take a break through picking to see the new Mitchellero Peru range! Created by our managing director Mitchell Orchant, these cigars are a great addition to the Nicaraguan Mitchellero range, however the Peru range uses a blend of Nicaragua and Peru filler which adds a little bit of sweetness. True to the Mitchellero name they are high quality hand-rolled cigars and at a low price! Get yours while you can. Once I finished my pickings, I took some pictures of the Mitchellero Peru cigars and created a new monitor image for our humidor. 

On Tuesday I started brainstorm on what my new article on the C.Gars cigar library should be, it took me a while to think and it was only when I was speaking to a customer that it hit me! This gentleman loves his Oliva cigars and we were talking about the different series and it occurred to me that I have not written an article about Oliva! So I started researching and learned so much about the history! Later on, Sharon and I had decided to have a little change of displays in the shop, we now have a couple of humidors out on display as we often get customers wanting to see some, so now they are out for everyone to see – Why not come and have a look!

On Wednesday, once I finished my pickings I started writing my article, in between I had one of my favourite customers come in. Alongside his usual purchase of pipe tobacco he wanted me to find a pipe similar in shape to one he had which was a Mr Brog Chochla 48 but better quality.

On Thursday, I had a chance to reminisce about my hometown (Birmingham) with some customers that came in who were from Wolverhampton. They were very impressed with the size of our shop and the selection of cigars available, they mentioned a shop closer to home that doesn’t compare, in the end they treated themselves to the Regius Serie Limitada sampler and a new Mitchellero Peru – To stock up until they come back again. We also had one of our regulars come in, who we are always happy to see, collecting his order of Mitchellero Peru cigars too – They are showing to be really popular, once you have tried one you’ll see why! In between customers I took all of the pictures for the Oliva article which you can read here.

Friday I spent some time in the morning filming more youtube shorts for our marketing team, you should check them out! In the afternoon it is the regular Cuban stocktake where Sharon and myself count the entire Cuban stock but we have done it so often that it’s no trouble at all.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks goings on and I can’t wait to see you all next week!

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

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