Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #21

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend! Online sales went through the roof over the weekend, I think you all knew we were going to have good weather this week!

The shop was open on the bank holiday Monday and we had a few familiar faces come in, but my main mission was to pick all of the weekends orders and alas I failed, I gave it very good go but there was so many I didn’t have a chance and by the end I was worn out. 

On Tuesday we had the leftover pickings which took a few hours to get through, and then it was on to my article for next week which was all about Ardbeg, you can read that here. After writing the article I made the leaflets for June Subscriptions, I had to get them ordered early as I am away next week which is when I would usually order them ready for the boxes to be put together.

Wednesday came along so quick, I think all the picking orders made the days go quicker. Once I had finished my morning pickings I went off to take some pictures for my Ardbeg article, you may also see them on our cgars whisky instagram page! Later that day I served a gentleman who treated himself to many different ‘chubby’ cigars, and afterwards he realised he had forgotten his lighter and cutter! I recommended the Cigarism Jet Flame Cigar Lighter & Punch Cutter and it had everything he needed for a low cost. He was over the moon and it’s safe to say we will see him again. Later in the day I also had a man and woman come in, the man was looking for a cigar just as a celebration treat – I suggested a Regius Serie Limitada Robusto (you may notice I recommend them a lot but they are just that good!) and he said they sounded nice and decided to have two and his wife decided they sounded so nice that she wanted to try one just in a smaller vitola which is where the Petit Royales is perfect! As well as the Regius they wanted some flavoured cigars so I introduced them to the infused cigars that Drew Estate have created, they decided to try the Acid Blondie which as many of you will know are delicious and a Larutan JL which I have never tried buy maybe I should? It’s safe to say they were happy with their purchase. 

Thursday, once I had completed my pickings, I served a lovely gentleman who was just getting three cigars for the weekend…. Well he “accidentally” purchased six! Including an Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Maestro, an amazing cigar and they’re end of line so get them while you still can! He then decided to treat himself to a beautiful bottle of Diplomatico rum – A great weekend if you ask me! Later in the day I showed Sharon how to place orders with our Senior Buyer Chris, usually I’m the one placing the orders with him however as I am on annual leave for the week she needed to know exactly how to do it and she nailed it! In the afternoon I had two lovely gentlemen come in, one wanted pipe tobacco as he was new to pipes and one wanting cigars, we started with the cigars and he was mentioning different Cuban cigars he had tried like Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo but he hadn’t heard of Partagas so I recommended one of those, I also mentioned about our own brand Mitchellero, he couldn’t believe that a robusto sized cigar could be priced so well! So he bought 3. He also needed a new cutter and lighter so treated himself to a Cigarism Jet Flame Lighter & Cutter Gift Set. His friend, who loved whisky, decided to try the American Blends Spirit of Scotland as it is topped with Scotch Whisky. I ended the day by doing a quick Youtube short video for the marketing team and they seemed to really enjoy it.

On Friday after the usual pickings, myself and Sharon again counted the Cuban humidor, however, this time it was different. During the week our stores in Chester and Liverpool have been sending us a lot of their Cuban overstock, this is due to us sending a lot of orders from the Norfolk store whereas Liverpool and Chester don’t have the same facilities. Don’t worry though if you do go to the Chester or Liverpool stores, they have still kept plenty of Cuban cigars for themselves including some rare LCDH cigars, so make sure you give them a visit! So due to them giving us a lot of stock it took us a lot longer to get it all done! In the meantime we asked Courtney to take care of the shop so we don’t get interrupted.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks going’s on and I’ll see you all in two weeks time, but Sharon will have you all covered in store for your tobacco needs.

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

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