Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #25

Hello everyone! The sun is shining bright which means one thing… Sitting outside in the sun enjoying our favourite cigars, I decided to treat myself to the Gurkha Ghost Gold Shadow Robusto! I had never tried a Gurkha before as the brand seems to have its haters as well as their lovers, so I thought I’d give it a try…. A brilliant cigar with plenty of chocolatey notes as well as spices, you should try it.

On Saturday last week I had our new weekend worker with us, her name is Evie and you will see her every Saturday in our Norfolk store. I was teaching her how to pick our online orders as well as the retail side of things. I think I blew her away with my knowledge of cigars as she certainly seemed tired by the afternoon but I’d like to think she took it all in.

Monday began with the usual heaping amounts of pickings and I was certainly worn out afterwards, but I soldiered on and completed writing an article all about Falcon pipes and how unique they are! You can read that here. We also had plenty of customers purchasing their smokes for the week, it seems that with the sun coming out, everyone has time to smoke a Toro sized cigar, including one gentleman who treated himself to a box of Plasencia Orchant Seleccion Toro. I also had another gentleman who loves his Cuban cigars, however he wanted to try something new, so he went away with a Mitchellero Peru sampler. The same gentleman came back 2 hours later to purchase a box of the Novellini – he loved them that much!

Tuesday was a bit different for myself, after the usual pickings I started to learn how to make newsletters and I am now in charge of each store’s newsletter going out to our customers! It’s just a way to let you all know what’s going on in store, what cigars/spirit/accessories we recommend for the month and more! I’m very happy to be able to do more for this company and expand my own knowledge too! I also helped out Sharon with photography and editing, it’s always difficult doing something outside of your comfort zone but if you push yourself and are willing to do it then the only way is up!

Wednesday was a very busy day online and in store! I had a lovely couple come in who were on their holiday. The lady wanted to treat her husband to a new humidor for their wedding anniversary present, so they decided on the Adorini Torino Black Deluxe Cigar Humidor as the slick design and matte black colour was particularly eye-catching. After deciding on a humidor they went into our walk-in humidor to fill it up with. The gentleman treated himself to some beautiful Cohibas and Hoyo de Monterrey, as they had not been to our shop before I recommended a Mitchellero for him to try as they are exclusive to us so he would never have tried it before, he purchased two and were on their way. Later on in the day another gentleman came in and treated himself to a vast array of Cuban cigars as well as a box of 10 Partagas Serie D No. 4. He was very happy to say the least! Towards the end of the day we had a customer contact our customer care team to see if we had a box of Regius Media Coronas. This is a clever thing to do as a lot of the time in store we have singles available but not a whole box so I would definitely suggest calling ahead of time to avoid disappointment! As well as his box of cigars he tried our Beginners Pipe Tobacco and Accessories Lucky Dip Sampler.

Thursday was a busy day with online customers getting their last minute Fathers day gifts, so myself and Sharon were extra busy! However once we completed those pickings, I continued with my shop newsletters and taking some pictures for them to help out. I served a lovely couple of ladies who wanted to get a nice cigar for their father as he doesn’t smoke them often but they know he loves them, they decided on the Mitchellero Peru Robusto Extra, as the price was incredible and taste notes sounded “yummy” as they put it. As it was their first visit to the shop they were amazed with the options we had and said they’ll definitely be back! 

On Friday once the picking had been completed, I took some more pictures for our marketing team, and then in the afternoon it was the usual Cuban stock take. 

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks going’s on and as always if you need anything or just fancy a chat feel free to email me – [email protected]

So long for now


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