Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #38

Hi Everyone,

It’s time for another blog of what’s going on in store! Boy have I been a busy bee, but never too busy to welcome you into our Norfolk store.

On Monday I was joined in the shop by Courtney, she is now working Mondays and Tuesdays with me and it has been a pleasure having her join me! On Monday we worked together to pick many online orders, you can tell it’s getting close to Christmas as we’re having more orders daily. Once we completed our morning pickings, Courtney quickly moved onto stocking and pricing up the Cuban humidor, meanwhile I began researching my next article for the C.Gars cigar Library

On Tuesday, once I completed my online orders I wrote my article. This one was a little different, it was about 6 full strength cigars to try which you can read here. Once I had completed that it was time to create newsletters for all of our stores about what is going on in each store. Once I had completed them I began preparing the December New World cigar subscription. I always enjoy making these as it means I get to be creative about the different cigars I put inside, and I always try to find one that people may have not tried before. This month I have put in an added bonus – after all it is Christmas!

On Thursday I was joined by Sarah, who many of you would have seen before. You will see Sarah a lot more on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as that is when she will join me! I spent plenty of time with her training her on cash handling as well as general shop rules. I also finished doing the Norfolk shop newsletter which gives you all a little introduction to Sarah and Courtney. 

On Friday I finished preparing the subscription leaflets and letters ready to be sent out in Decembers subscription. I also got to serve one of our regulars Tony! He recently bought an Arturo Fuente Magnum Rosado No. 52 and said it was really good. As many of you will know you can only purchase Arturo Fuente cigars in store but each store has different stock so sometimes we won’t have what you want, but don’t worry, if you’re able to come back to the store in a few days we can certainly order it in from another store ready for you to purchase. That is exactly what Tony did and he certainly appreciated it. Later on I created an article on the Cigar Library all about the release of the latest regional release from Habanos – The Por Larranaga 47! It is limited to 1,500 boxes in the UK only! To celebrate we are having an event on the 1st of November where you will get to sample this incredible Churchill sized cigar as well as receive a gift pack to remember to night! Click here to get your tickets now!

On Saturday, I spent my time fully stocking and cleaning our humidors. This is a regular task that must be done as everyone loves walking into our humidors and appreciating the view as well as the aromas contained inside. I also picked orders to give ourselves a head start for Monday

I hope you enjoyed this weeks going on and I hope to see you all in store soon.

So long for now


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