Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #37

Hi everyone, I’m back again with another weekly blog! I hope you enjoy reading what I get up to on a weekly basis, after all there’s never a dull day when working at Turmeaus!

On Monday, we had plenty of online orders to keep us all busy for the whole day! But we couldn’t stop there as our shop was also extremely busy! Firstly I had a customer who enjoyed a Mitchellero Peru Petit Robusto, as he was going on holiday he decided he needed some longer smokes so decided to go for a box of Toros instead! Quite an upgrade but I’m sure he will enjoy them. I then had someone who wanted cigars for his friends wedding but didn’t want to spend much as they don’t smoke regularly – That’s where a box of Mitchellero Robusto comes in handy! A great size cigar for a bargain price… and they’re a great smoke too! There was also a gentleman who had seen the Youtube short of me talking about my favourite cigar (The Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion Skinny) on the C.Gars channel and wanted to try one for himself, he trusted my judgement so much that he purchased a whole box! 

On Tuesday I concentrated on researching and writing my article for the C.Gars Cigar Library, it was all about the benefits of enjoying cigars, which you can read here. I’m tired of people saying how smoking is a bad habit so I decided to explain why it can be good for you! We also received the delivery of the new limited edition from Davidoff – the Aniversario No. 1! We have been excited to see these incredible Double Coronas which i’m sure will be an amazing smoke to brighten your day! 

Wednesday was my usual day off but I surprised many of my colleagues by popping into the shop, not as an employee but as a customer! I took my wife into the store as she wanted to get her cousin a couple of cigars as a wedding gift. She always wanted to see where I worked but has never had the opportunity to. She was amazed with all the spirits and pipes we had! In the end we purchased a Mitchellero Peru Robusto Extra and an Inka Red Cristales.


On Thursday I spent some time in both humidors giving them a bit of a clean and a stock up. Everyone underestimates this part of the job and how time consuming it can be, after all we are handling an expensive premium product that we must have the utmost respect for. Afterwards I was requested to create a cigar sampler, I decided to choose cigars that you don’t see too often to try to get the name out there and put it alongside a popular yet similar cigar. It’s called the Savour the Flavour sampler and it includes the Eiroa First 20 years Prensado, CLE Signature Robusto and the ever so popular Aladino Corojo Corona! There is only 10 of these in stock and once they’re gone it won’t be coming back so click here to get yours now!



On Friday, after the usual order picking I started creating more Youtube short videos for our content creator Lewis to put on Youtube! In the afternoon, it was the usual stock take but this time I was doing it with Courtney who you will see a lot more of soon! This was her first time counting the Cuban cigars but she did a good job and now she will be part of the weekly rotation.

On Saturday we received delivery of some walkie talkies! (Boys and their toys ). You will see us using these a lot more to help fast track our operations and help your in store experience be as smooth as possible! I also spent more time stocking up the shop to get as many products available for you all to see!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog and I hope to see you all in store very soon!

So long for now


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