Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #50

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Easter weekend! I certainly enjoyed all the chocolate that came with it. Another interesting week happening at Turmeaus Norfolk, including a new addition to the shop.

On Tuesday, We had plenty of online orders to pick but as a team we all completed them all rather quickly, so I went through different tasks that Ciaran and Porscha should complete in the shop. I am on holiday next week and as I treat the shop as my baby I do get worried when I am away, which is why I am going through the shop in a lot of detail. I also served a lovely gentleman who needed a new lighter, I suggested looking at the Colibri range as they are top quality lighters that come with a two year warranty. In the end he was persuaded to buy the Colibri Boss Triple Jet lighter as it also came with a built in cutter. I am certainly jealous of him with his new cutter. I also organised the New World Cigar Subscription and it certainly is a good one! Definitely get one if you like a bargain! We also set up the coffee machine ready for our customers to enjoy!

On Wednesday I was certainly surprised to hear that I was needed to book on the parcels for the parcel dispatch team! Due to staff illness I was called upon and I would like to say I smashed it! I did require help at times but as a team we did extremely well. Meanwhile Ciaran and Josh took care of the shop and kept it looking tidy while I was occupied.

On Thursday I was busy with my marketing tasks. I wrote an article on the C.Gars cigar library about Oscar Valladares cigars, I also took the pictures too and I think they look pretty good, Click here to view. In the afternoon Cally and Alfonso from Tor came in to talk us through accessories and how to sell them in store. It was very interesting especially the Les Fines Lames Cigar punch bracelet, it looks beautiful and is also very handy.

On Friday I took a picture of our latest in store only sampler. It’s a pick a mix where we have a list of 10 cigars and the customer gets to choose 5 and also receive a travel humidor, cutter and lighter! This will be priced at £99.99 and that is a bargain as the cigars could cost this alone which means you could get the travel humidor, cutter and lighter for free! I also organised a meeting with Josh and Sarah to see how knowledgeable they are and I went through shop tasks that they need to keep on top of while I’m away. 

I hope you enjoyed this slightly shorter blog, I won’t see you all next week as I will be having an action packed holiday, but make sure you come in to see Ciaran, Porscha, Sarah and Josh.

So long for now


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