Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #54

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend! The weather sure is hotting up and I am noticing a lot more larger vitolas are now in demand to enjoy in the sun! 

As always we are open on bank holidays, so Sarah, Porscha and I worked hard to pick all of the online orders of which between the three of us was a mammoth task! I do remember over the years that there was less staff working bank holidays meaning I had to pick every single order by myself! Luckily now we have many more people available to help. Between us we picked all the orders, packed loads and I even booked on Royal Mail as many as I could! This gives us an unbelievable boost ahead of the rush on Tuesday! Meanwhile Porscha served a gentleman who a few years ago sold all of his cigars to quit smoking, but has now decided to enjoy them again. He came in and bought over 20 cigars and then Porscha (very smartly) asked if he needed to purchase a humidor to put them all in, I thought that was brilliant! He ended up purchasing the Savinelli High Lacquered Yellow and Carbon Fibre Humidor, to go along with his cigars! An unbelievable suggestion from Porscha. As much as we are sales people, we won’t sell you something you do not need. If it suits you we will suggest it but we do not heavily push these sales, and I think that is why we always have returning customers.

On Thursday I had my fortnightly New World stock count. However, this time Billy was unavailable, so Sarah stood in for him and she did incredibly well! She has never counted the New World cigars before but she did a great job and seemed confident in what she was doing! We finished at around 3pm and I could see Sarah was worn out, it is very tiring counting the New World cigars, especially for the first time – I do think Billy and myself are used to the feeling now. 

On Friday, I was only in for the morning so I spent my time doing as much as my marketing as I could. I wrote an article for the C.Gars cigar Library, this one was all about Blackbird cigars, which you can read here. I unfortunately wasn’t able to find time to take the pictures but I found some that our brilliant marketing team had already taken. I also contacted the rest of our shops asking for their June newsletter content, I can’t believe next month is June! Before you know it I’ll be singing Jingle Bells. 

I also served a gentleman who years ago used to smoke a small cigar to help him get to sleep, so he wanted some half corona sized cigars to enjoy and help sleep. I looked more towards the lighter cigars like a Davidoff Traveller Belicoso, Rafael Gonzales Perla and a Charatan Petit Corona, maybe I should make this into a sampler and call it “the help you sleep sampler” what do you think?

On Saturday it was Josh, Porscha and myself who was running the show, we picked all the orders and stocked the shelves. We had some lovely customers come in who had been visiting for years, even when we were back in Rollesby! They asked about the staff back then, most of whom have left but they were certainly happy about the service we provided. 

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s shortened blog. We will be back to a full week starting from Monday.

So long for now


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