Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #56

Hi everyone! I hope you are looking forward to the bank holiday weekend! I think many of our customers were preparing for a nice long weekend as we certainly saw plenty of you come in and treat yourselves to a nice cigar or three. 

On Monday, as always it was Porscha and myself working in the shop, picking the mountains of orders made over the weekend! It seemed never ending but we got there in the end! Afterwards I had a giant stock up of our Cuban stock. Once we complete our pickings on a Monday, the shelves always look a little bare so we tend to spend whatever time we have, refilling the shelves and of course serving our lovely customers. Talking of customers I had one gentleman come in looking for a Cohiba, but not just any Cohiba, he was looking for the Cohiba red dot. A lot of you may not have heard about the Cohiba red dot but they are mainly available in the USA due to the Cuban embargo, however you may see some when travelling around the world. The Cohiba in question is a Dominican brand not available in the UK due to the clash with the Cuban Cohiba, so in the UK they are known as Silencio – the same brand just a different name! After telling the customer the backstory behind the names of some cigar brands he was amazed! He purchased a Silencio red dot and black dot and went away learning something new too!

On Tuesday, I spent my day completing my marketing. I started by making an article on the C.Gars cigar library about Casa Turrent cigars which you can read here. I also spent time taking pictures and the banner for it. I have recently been given a few tips on how to improve my photography skills and hopefully my pictures will stick out a lot more and look much better too! After article writing, I finished completing the shop newsletters for the other shops we have. I would love to have a tour of Turmeaus and C.Gars shops to see how they all look and operate. I also created a news piece about the Davidoff Maduro cigars, which you can read here. This is another aspect I need to concentrate on, as news pieces are really important to show our customers about new products as well as interesting ones. 

On Thursday, Billy and I had our regular New World cigar stock count, we were amazed by the amount of Gurkha cigars we have in stock! And they looked incredible! We were particularly fond of the Gurkha Beauty 25th Anniversary, the cigar in its tube looked brilliant and the box it was presented in was a thing of beauty! Hence the name I imagine! I reckon people would buy these for the box alone! 

On Friday, after my usual pickings, I served a gentleman who was about to go to Bucharest in Romania. He had found a tobacconist online and wanted to see if firstly we stocked the cigars he was looking for and compare the price to see if he was getting a good deal buying them in Romania. It turns out that surprisingly he isn’t saving much by going there. He then wanted to look in our humidors and was excited to find the Drew Estate Factory Smokes were in stock. I’m sure I have said before that many people have been excited to see these as they are so popular in the USA, so to see them in the UK is brilliant! In the afternoon I completed the Cuban stock count with Sarah who has improved her stock counting abilities massively!

On Saturday, It was a great day with Porscha and Josh despite the terrible weather! Once we had completed our online order pickings, we updated all of our prices and had a general stock up ready for the bank holiday order picking! 

I hope you have enjoyed this week in Norfolk and please remember all of our stores are open 12pm-5pm on the bank holiday Monday so you can still come and see us in store!

So long for now 


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