Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #57

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend! We were as busy as ever despite the horrible weather in Norfolk!

On Tuesday, there were already lots of online orders to be packed, however Porscha and I still had a lot to pick! Once I finished my pickings I went into the packing department and packed as many as I could, my packing skills aren’t as good as they once were (for those who don’t know I actually started my career at Turmeaus in the Packing department) but any help is always appreciated. Once the packing department had caught up I helped out the Royal Mail booking team, to get all the orders I packed shipped out that day! So someone reading this may have had an order that I picked, packed and sent in the post! Meanwhile Porscha was serving all of our happy customers. It’s great to see her serve on her own as I know she struggles with confidence but I wouldn’t leave her to serve customers if I didn’t have confidence in her ability.

On Wednesday, I was mainly booking on parcels to the Royal Mail system. As it was near the end of the month, we send out our monthly cigar subscription so all of our subscribers would receive them by the 1st. So I helped book them all on, I also started researching for my next article for the C.Gars cigar library. Meanwhile in the shop Josh had a gentleman who had only started smoking cigars for around two weeks. He must be enjoying it spend over £500 on cigars! He listened to everything Josh said and had plenty of his suggested cigars, Josh was so happy he even kept the receipt! I remember my first big sale, It was a box of Partagas Salomones, the buzz you get from selling a box of cigars is incredible and knowing the customer has left happy is just the icing on the cake!

On Thursday, I was having a marketing day, so I wrote the article that I researched the day before. It’s all about cigar sizes for beginners, you can read it here. I also spent some time taking pictures for it and editing them. I also finalised all of the shop newsletters and scheduled them to be sent tomorrow. I almost forgot to do Norfolks newsletter! I am always so concerned about getting the other stores done on time that I always leave my own store until last! But with the help of the team for ideas I got it done fairly easily! This newsletter is based heavily around Father’s day.

On Friday, I was back in the shop with Josh. We had plenty of online orders to pick, I also had a lot of pipes to pick for the product listing team to take pictures of. They like to freshen up the pictures from time to time to try to make them easy on the eye and maybe even more noticeable. Josh served an elderly gentleman and his daughter, they always have a holiday to Norfolk every year and visit the shop every time! This time the gentleman went away with a box of 10 Montecristo no. 4 as well as King Edwards and a few Romeo y Julietas. In the afternoon as always we have the Cuban stock count, however this time there was a lot more stock to count! It seems that, after a few years of struggling to be able to get the stock, we can now order what we need instead of what we can, which is a great feeling! I have even seen some Cuban lines that I had never seen before!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog and I hope to see you all in Norfolk soon.

So long for now


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