Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #59

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week! I know we have been in Norfolk! We have had many people coming in for Fathers day gifts, as a nice surprise we are doing £7 off any 70cl bottle of spirit in store so make sure you come in and treat your Father!

On Monday, It was a very busy day in store and online! We had plenty of online orders that took Porscha and myself most of the day to complete. I noticed a lot of Father’s day samplers were on order ready for the big day! Meanwhile I served a lovely man who was relatively new to cigars and wanted a nice selection to take on holiday. As a new cigar smoker you have to be careful as if they don’t enjoy smoking a cigar you will never see them again, whereas if they do enjoy it, you will have a customer for life. I suggested some of my favourites, Regius Serie Limitada, Plasencia Reserva Original, and of course the Mitchellero Robusto. He was recommended by his friend to try a torpedo shaped cigar, not something I traditionally suggest to a newer smoker, however I always say, once you have something in your mind, you are going to wish you bought it and only wonder what it would have tasted like. So I suggested the Joya De Nicaragua Clasico Torpedo, I remembered when Josh, one of our latest shop employees, began coming in as a customer, he tried the Clasico Torpedo when he first started smoking cigars and fell in love with it. I hope to see that customer again so he can let me know how he got on. Later on that day, I was asked to create a shop newsletter promoting the Trinidad 55th Anniversary Cigar Sampling Event. As these newsletters are aimed at customers who live near the shops, it’s only right to heavily advertise these events to those clients.

On Wednesday, I received an interesting email from one of our Directors. We had a lovely gentleman called Andy coming to Norfolk. Andy is a friend of the company and travels a lot to many different cigar events. So Ciaran and I were preparing ourselves ready to meet and serve him on whatever cigar and whisky needs he had. He treated himself to a Plasencia Orchant Seleccion 2024 Orchante, a Mitchellero Robusto and a La Gloria Medaille No. 4. We had a lovely chat about his numerous events he had been to, as well as snuff. He is also a big fan of snuff, he asked if we wanted to try some and taught us how to actually take snuff. I can say now from experience that snuff is actually quite nice, I suppose it will depend on the flavour but it was a delightful peach scent we had. 

Thursday was marketing day, I created an article for the C.Gars cigar library about five great lighters for beginners which you can read here. Similarly to the beginners cutter article, I wanted to have a variety of lighters and prices. I also spent some time taking pictures of the lighters. I didn’t realise how difficult it was taking pictures of lighters, it really shows the talent our marketing team have, being able to take beautiful pictures effortlessly. As it is the Euros coming up the staff has done a sweepstake for a bit of fun (and a bit of cash). I got Italy so now Sosteniamo l’Italia! For those that don’t speak Italian it means we support Italy. Obviously I would love England to win, but I would also like to win the competition! Later on I helped out the packing departments organise their packaging ready for another busy day.

On Friday, I was back in the shop with Josh. We had a lovely lady come in looking for a bottle of Bushmills, unfortunately we didn’t have what she wanted in stock, so we suggested a bottle of Tullamore Dew, it is relatively similar but most importantly it is an Irish Whiskey. She also bought a bottle of C.Gars malt which is always a good whisky to try! Afterwards, I fully stocked up both humidors ready for a busy weekend, we tend to get quite a few people come in and get last minute Fathers day gifts, so we always need to be prepared.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks happenings in the store and I hope to see you all in Norfolk very soon!

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