Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #58

Hi Everyone, It’s been a very busy week here in Norfolk, although I haven’t been working in shop much this week, it has been very busy and behind the scenes I have been very busy too!

On Monday, I would usually be in the shop, picking the mountains of orders we get from over the weekend! However this week, I was booking parcels onto the Royal Mail system. Due to staff holidays, I was needed to help out, Ben and I were a dream team, getting through all of the orders with no problems! Meanwhile Sarah and Porscha took care of all of our customers, with a smile on their face!

Tuesday was my marketing day, I wrote an article for the C.Gars cigar library about the top 5 cigar cutters for beginners, which you can read here. Josh, who many of you know is relatively new to Turmeaus, had been mentioning to me about beginners not knowing what kind of cutter to get and he wanted to really show off what we do other than the big brands like Xikar and Colibri. So using this as my inspiration I chose five cutters that I believe are great for beginners and range across different price points too. Afterwards I spent extra time taking the pictures for the article, listening to the advice I took my time and really thought about what I wanted to take a picture of and what would accompany it. Afterwards I also created an article telling everyone about the great news we have had! Dominique London has opened a new La Casa Del Habano in Gran Canaria, you can read all about it here. I also started to piece together the C.Gars New World Cigar Subscription! And it is another incredible month for my subscribers! Make sure you take a look at our subscriptions here, you really do get a great bargain!

On Thursday, Billy and I was counting the New World cigars, in the process we noticed that there were many new cigars that we didn’t have last time! It’s almost like every time we count the New World humidor we discover a new release or a new brand entirely, this week we discovered a new range to the UK from Foundation cigarsFoundation Olmec Claro. I’m sure it will be another winner as everything from Foundation so far has certainly been a brilliant smoke! 

Friday was suddenly upon us and it was my first day actually working in the shop this week! I got through my pickings with Josh and then worked on the Cuban humidor, stocking it up as much as possible and even trying to get more ranges out! I then served a gentleman who knew exactly what he wanted – the Davidoff Signature No. 2 tubos, he was looking for a pack of four as it was convenient, however we didn’t have a pack in stock so as a compromise he bought four but at the same price of a pack, so he left as a happy customer and we still had a good sale. Later on I had one of my favourite customers who has been coming in for years, he treated himself to three boxes of Regius Orchant Seleccion Nicaragua 2023 Robusto. In the afternoon, Josh and I completed the Cuban stock count.

On Saturday, Porscha, Josh and myself had lots of price changes to do, it seems like the Cuban cigars have slightly gone down in price! So now is the time to treat yourself to a Cuban cigar! I served a great gentleman who was getting married in August and wanted a cigar corner at the reception. I know from experience that people at a wedding love a cigar whether they are a cigar smoker or not. So it is always good to get mostly cheaper premium cigars and then a few good cigars for the ones who actually smoke as they will get the full enjoyment. The gentleman chose to have 10 Mitchellero Robustos which are a great premium cigar for an unbelievable price, perfect for new smokers and A Tasty Selection Sampler which are for the experienced smokers. He also wanted a nice box to present them in, so I suggested a Regius Serie Limitada box as the gold will certainly shine at a wedding. He couldn’t believe how amazing the shop is and how he certainly will be a returning customer!

I hope you enjoyed what was going on in Norfolk this week! And I hope to see you all next week.

So long for now 


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