Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #42

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?! I hope you all had a great new year and most of January! I have been incredibly busy with our brilliant customers as well as usual tasks and now I have even more responsibility!

So what has been going on?

I have been creating New World Subscriptions… Did you know I’ve been doing them now for a year? I have sent out so many amazing cigars to our loyal subscribers it has even made me try a few! My favourite? The Charter Oak Lonsdale from Foundation cigars, it is very rich and with a lovely sweetness too, a must try! Next month is my valentines subscription so obviously there will be a small treat included. 

I have still been working with our shops around the UK to create shop newsletters on their behalf. Since introducing myself to them, we have created a working partnership and I like to think the quality of the newsletters have massively improved!

I have still been working hard on my articles for the C.Gars cigar library on a weekly basis, I have been learning lots about Vegueros, Romeo y Julieta and Plasencia cigars but an interesting read is the one about how to repair a cigar! It’s an interesting read and incredibly helpful. Click here to view those articles.

I have most recently been given the responsibility of updating our till system so that every single cigar is in on the till. This is important for company research purposes but it also helps our customers know what they have purchased by having it written on the receipt. Very often a customer will come in and try to explain the cigar they have had previously so by keeping the receipt you will know exactly what you have enjoyed. These updates are a time consuming task of which I will be using my knowledge to train other employees so we can keep it updated all the time. Hopefully you will see the difference and never question what you have smoked before.

What’s been going on in Norfolk?

We have had two new starters (this is the reason why I haven’t been able to write to you for some time), they are Ciaran and Porscha! Make sure you say hello when you see them! They are both still in training so may take a little longer so just be patient and they will both be trained to our high standards in no time! 

As many of you know Sharon is pregnant with her first child and she has not been working in the shop, well today is her last day before maternity leave! We won’t see her for a long time but I’m sure she will drop in to show off her little bundle of joy! In her place you would have seen Sarah, she is finishing her apprenticeship at the end of this month and she has certainly learned a lot since she has been here! 

We have had plenty of new cigars come in, one of my favourites is the Drew Estate Deadwood Crazy Alice, to begin with the band is a work of art, but the flavours are incredible too if you have a sweet tooth! Notes of chocolate and espresso really come through.

We have enjoyed seeing many of our favourite customers as well as new faces and they have been enjoying our latest cigars too and I hope to see you all again very soon.

So long for now


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