Father’s Day

It’s a weird time to be writing this, as it is currently the morning of Thursday 8th June, General Election day! I’d love to try to do some kind of arduous tie-in between the election and smoking choices, but by the time this goes up, we’ll already know the result. So, I’ll pass on that and look at something a little more stable: Father’s Day!

Even if I do say so myself, we’re a great shop for Father’s Day, as almost everything we sell is a classic “Dad” gift; from Cigars, to whisky, to pipes and even our range of traditional shaving accessories. Hell, we’re just a few golf clubs and pieces of gardening equipment short of just being able to rename ourselves “Turmeaus Dad Supplies”. Not to say that all of those things wouldn’t also make great gifts for ladies, of course!

Ironically, this actually makes it kind of tricky to actually recommend specific products as Father’s Day gifts, as we could just as easily say “Shut your eyes and pick up literally anything” but there are a few things that I think are particularly cool.


What’s more Dad-like than a pipe? Now, I’m lucky enough to live in a rare pro-smoking bubble, but I always try to remind myself that not everyone is into it. Therefore, I’d never recommend encouraging a non-smoker to start smoking a pipe. However, if your Dad is already a smoker, giving them the option to try a pipe for the first time can make a lovely, traditional Father’s Day gift. Especially if they’re mostly a cigarette smoker!

I Often put together a “Pipe Starter Kit” for customers, which consists of the following:

A budget pipe

A small portion of tobacco

A basic pipe tool

A packet of pipe cleaners

That’s pretty much all you need to get started on a pipe and if you pick wisely with the tobacco, you can get it all for roughly £30. All you need to do is add a pair of slippers and you’re good to go! Should you wish, you can always make the kit more elaborate with extra accessories: Pipe pouches, Pipe Racks, Lighters and more! You can always save those up if you’re short of ideas for birthdays or Xmasses in the future. Sorted.


Ok, I know this is an easy one, but I can’t think of a more apt present for a cigar smoking father than My Father cigars. It’s not because of the name… ok, fine, it’s a little bit about the name. But they’re also an excellent range of New World cigars. We’ve use the My Father – Flor de las Antillas Belicoso at New World tasting nights in the past and they’ve always gone down a storm. Not to mention that the Toro from the same range managed to get the top-spot of Cigar Aficionado’s “Top 25 Cigars of the Year” in the year of its release, 2012.

Alternatively, we’ve also picked a few of our favourite cigars to release with a special “Best Dad in the World” band… because “No.1 Dad” mugs are SO passé…

You have quite a selection of cigars to choose from, with plenty of favourites, including: Cohiba Robusto, Partagas Serie D No.4 and Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.4. We also have a few of our top exclusive New World cigars, such as Inka Red Robustos and Oliva Orchant Seleccion Shorty.

For the Non-Smoker

If your Dad isn’t a smoker, we still have plenty to offer! We carry a huge range of Gentlemen’s’ Shaving Accessories, including some beautiful Mahogany Shaving bowls that come with shaving soap in a variety of traditional gentlemanly scents. Traditional razors are always popular too, with many Dads appreciating them over the new-fangled types of razor on the market.

Don’t forget about out award winning Stalla Dhu and C.Gar Malt too, for a delicious dram for your old man!

That’s all from me for this week. I hope I’ve given you some ideas if you’ve been stuck!

Until next time: put that in your pipe and smoke it!


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