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I’ve written quite a lot about how far I’ve seen C. Gars and Turmeaus grow in the time I’ve been with the company and since our mad week of 200th anniversary celebrations a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about it even more. To my knowledge, before C. Gars took over the Liverpool store, and later the Chester stores, they were both quiet little tobacconists with uncertain futures. I can’t speak for Liverpool, but I know when I started in Chester, not too long after C.Gars acquired it, it was in something of a “Transitional” stage. A new cigar room had been added, but it was still a small, fairly quiet shop. Fast forward to now and both stores have been expanded to two of the largest tobacco and cigar stores in the country! Not only do our stores now attract people from all over the country, but they also host packed out tasting evenings and private functions, something we could have only dreamed about, back when I first started. It’s so crazy!

For mw though, one of the coolest thing about the growth of the company is the fact that we’re now able to have a range of exclusive products that are totally unique to us! I’ve just realised that when you put them all together, there’s really quite a lot! So, here’s a quick rundown of all our awesome smokes and drinks that you can only get through C.Gars and Turmeaus:

Inka Cigars

I believe these were the first exclusive thing C.Gars released. Not only are they totally exclusive, but they’re already pretty unique as the first ever 100% Peruvian Handmade cigar. They’re one of the least expensive handmade cigars out there too, while remaining extremely high quality. They smoke with a sweet and slightly spicy flavour and are available in Long Filler (Red) or short filler (Blue). Popular sizes include the beefy Bombaso and the more slender, Cristales which come in convenient glass tubes.

Orchant Oliva

Oliva cigars aren’t exclusive to us, but they are awesome, with the Flor de Oliva Robusto and Serie V Belicoso currently sitting amongst my favourite New World cigars. However, we do have a range of sizes produced especially for C.Gars Ltd. We have the  Shorty, Chubby and Skinny (Nice descriptive names too, eh?). They are all pleasantly cool smokes, with a medium woody flavour.

Stalla Dhu and C.Gar Malt whisky

I know I don’t usually write about whisky in this blog, but I love all three of these! They are “Mystery Malts” (I.E. Mitchell won’t tell us exactly which distilleries they come from!) Stalla Dhu Speyside is one of the easiest drinking whiskies I’ve ever tried, with notes of Christmas cake and very subtle spice. The Stalla Dhu Islay was the first whisky to get me over my Peat-phobia, as it is easily the most approachable peated whisky I’ve tried, sitting more on the smoke and leather side of the profile, rather than the “Medicinal” side, that seems to put some people off Islay Malts.

The Orchant Selection Cigar Malt (or C.Gar Malt) has a similar character to the Stalla Dhu Speyside as it is from the Highlands, but it has a far more complex taste, a longer finish and slightly more intensity on the spice. Stall Dhu Islay and C.Gar Malt both recently won a Silver Medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2017, so it’s not just us that thinks they’re awesome!

Skin Gin – Turmeaus 200th anniversary edition

Our latest Exclusive! Skin gin has always been popular at our stores and now we have our own one to celebrate our birthday (In classic Turmeaus Colours too!) These Gins are handmade from a variety of botanicals, which means (like our stores) no two are exactly alike, but you’re guaranteed a quality experience from whichever one you choose. Clean and fresh, great for drinking neat or mixing!

Turmeaus Pipe Tobacco

The new laws may have prevented us from making our own custom blends (such as Sweet Leaf and Wavecrest… but watch this space, they might be back in a slightly different form…) but we can still sell our official exclusive Turmeaus pipe blends. These are a selection of traditional English style pipe mixtures, flavoured with rich Latakia and other “spice” tobaccos. My personal favourite is the Orchant Selection, which uses finest Havana Cigar leaf, to enrich an already delicious blend!

So that’s a rundown of our totally exclusive products! Make sure you check them out if you’re looking to try something new!

Until next time: Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


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