How to store your cigars while travelling

Whether it’s a budget Dutch cigar or a premium Cuban, there is no greater pleasure than relaxing with a delicious smoke. So how do you make sure your cigars stay safe while travelling on holiday or for work?

Cigars are very susceptible to damage due to a change in their climate, if you store them incorrectly whilst on the go they are very likely to become dry and crack.

C.Gars Ltd Humidification PouchThere are a few different methods that can be used to transport your cigars while still keeping them fresh but which cigar travel case is right for you?

Humidification Pouch – Portable humidified cigar storage bag with Boveda Humidipack, it will keep your cigars stored at 69% on the go. The quickest, simplest way, requires no activation or maintenance and can be bought for as little as £1.99. For a great way to keep 5-8 cigars fresh, click here

Cigar Cases – If you are worried about your cigars being crushed or damaged, a pouch may not be suitable. Cigar cases are usually made of leather and provide you with more of a solid solution to storage. Available in various sizes, from 1 cigar to around 5, and are designed to fit in ones pocket.View our full range of Cigar Cases here.

XIKAR Cigar Travel Waterproof Humidor - 50-80 CapacityTravel Humidors – Travel humidors are extremely robust and will solve all of your transport needs. We highly recommend the Xikar range of travel humidors. These offer premium cigar protection in an Airtight, Waterproof, Crushproof, ABS Moulded Plastic container fitted with a mini humidifier. Your cigars may even be staying in a more luxury accommodation than you, resting safe and fresh! View our full range of Xikar and Csonka Travel Humidors here.

Small Sized Humidor – A small sized humidor is your Home away from Home for your cigars. These can be kept/fixed into the boot of your car or kept at your office or work. View our full range of humidors here.

However you choose to keep your cigars fresh while out and about, there are a few things to bear in mind first. When selecting the cigars to bring with you it is advised to choose cigars that have had plenty of time to rest in a humidor first, this will make sure they are of optimum condition to withstand the trauma of travel.

Next, make sure you know how many cigars you are going to want to store, this will reduce the risk of any getting unnecessarily damaged, then, choose the appropriate method of storing them. For example you don’t want to have a single cigar rolling around in a humidor if you could have bought a tube, alternatively you also don’t want to bring a box of cigars with you when one would have sufficed.

Now you have the cigars you want in the appropriate storage, you are ready to go. Try and avoid leaving your cigars in direct sunlight or high temperatures, this will help make sure they are perfect for when you want to smoke them.

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