It’s been a while, but we are back!

This week saw Sara at Chester practise her Daryl Hannah from Kill Bill look however it certainly did not stop her sampling the magnificent Partagas Maduro No 1… however her current favourite daytime cigar is the Orchant Seleccion Avo Robusto which luckily for you all is available in stores across the UK and online………… but you better hurry before she smokes them all !!!

We love to host a tasting event in Chester and Wednesday 20th February saw our first Cuban event of 2019 and as with all our events, it was sold out !!  Who can blame you fine people for buying a ticket though with the wonderful cigars and cognac we had to offer !!

Make sure you check out the event pages here regularly for all up to date information on any future events and remember to book your tickets fast as we really hate the sulky faces when we have to tell you its sold out !! 😜

We also have some amazing offers coming in store over the next few weeks but until then its hush hush   🤐  but remember the Chester store is open 7 days a week and we are always on hand to help put in any we can, because let’s face it we LOVE our jobs  ! 😍

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