Jean Claude Pipes!!!

Jean Claude pipes are made to an incredible quality and you don’t have to break the bank, and the beauty of pipe smoking is you can never have too many pipes. We pride ourselves on stocking a huge range of pipes and being the

best one stop shop for all your smoking needs. The only problem you have is choosing from our unbeatable range, this could make life difficult. So hopefully this can help you start your pipe smoking journey or add to your already wonderful collection.

Our Jean Claude range is an amazing seller, it appeals to the new and old smoker with its classic design, good quality and extremely smooth smoke. These pipes will last you a lifetime, which is a lot to be said considering the price, sodefinitely perfect for any beginner.

The pipes have a tradional style, are fairly light so will hold in the mouth well. The bowl size is perfect fitting just past the knuckle of the Thumb so plenty of room for a good amount of tobacco. Stem is a good fit not too lose or too tight. Each one has an interesting grain and intricut style stamped clean and clear with the Jean Claude Logo. If like me you prefer a filter it will also fit a 9mm one, so you are able to smoke with and without one.

So if you’re looking to start your journey into pipe smoking or just add to your collection, it’s definitely worth giving one of these Jean Claude pipes a go.

Have a good week



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