New to Peterson!

We have a wonderful range of pipes from the Peterson range, but as we intend on being the biggest and best specialist of Peterson Pipes, we’ve just taken in their latest new ranges.   The Kerry Series, Outdoor series, Evening Series,  and we have added some new pipes to the  System Spigot range.  Each one is unique in its own quality, definitely worth getting one of these for wonderful cool smoke. Take a look at some of my favourites below.

Peterson Kerry Series Pipe 606

The Kerry Series is a new entry level pipe addition to the 2018 collection. A dark chestnut stain is applied to 12 signature Peterson shapes. Each pipe is fitted with brass ring complete with

a nickel inlay. A yellow and cream fishtail acrylic mouthpiece is fitted to create a classic Peterson pipe.

Peterson Outdoor Series Straight Smooth Pipe 086

This amazing little Peterson pipe is perfect pocket size. Ideal to take on the go with you due to them being suited to the outdoor environment. The stem allows it to fit in smaller places whereas the bowl still offers a cool smoke.

Peterson Evening Series Pipe 03

A marbled grey mouthpiece is richly contrasted against a satin ebony finish that is expertly applied to each briar. Each acrylic fishtail mouthpiece has been shortened to create a compact pipe that is a fitting addition to the Peterson Army series. A sterling silver band and the placement of the signature Peterson aluminum ‘P’ to the mouthpiece provide a classic finish.

Peterson System Spigot Pipe 317

The celebrated System pipe was first introduced in 1875 and has been synonymous with the Peterson name ever since.

Retaining the signature System pipe functionality and original Peterson-Lip mouthpiece, the System Spigot Series incorporates a hallmarked sterling silver spigot that is a ubiquitous Peterson mark. Using the six most popular System shapes, each briar is finished in a light walnut gloss stain and is hand stamped with the traditional ‘System’ nameplate.

Just a few of our favourites but there are many more.


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