Something new and something old

We have an amazing selection of pipes here at Turmeaus, but some of our latest pipes are incredible. I’m talking about the DB Mariner Pipe of the year 2017. The reason these make it as a POTY is because of their elegant style and extremely cool smoke. The price tag may be high but so is the quality making these a valuable collector’s item. Take a look at the 4 pipes below.


Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos:

The Dunhill range of Pipe Tobacco’s was discontinued back in 2008 and it looked like the coffin lid had been nailed never to be disturbed again. However, someone somewhere has listened to the constant groan from the mass of mourning pipe smokers worldwide. A select number of Dunhill Blends have been re-introduced to the UK market with a reputable distributor and production in the Orlik factory to Dunhill’s strict and highly secret recipe.

Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls:

The tobacco composition that is prepared, to produce these circles of tobacco, is based on high quality, carefully selected, ripe African flue-cured tobacco. The composition is rounded off by using some traditional cured Perique tobacco produced according to an old recipe in Louisiana USA. A medium blend tobacco with and amazing aroma, its sweet on the palate and full of wonderful perique flavours.

Dunhill Early Morning:

This blend consists of a mixture of slow burning Oriental tobaccos and bright and red Virginia leaves. The mixture is then pressed and lightly heated. To further enhance the blend, a touch of medium-fired Latakia tobacco is added. Ideal for the “first pipe” arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day.

Dunhill Flake Virginia:

A traditional flake cut tobacco, internationally renowned and comprising of the highest quality Virginia leaves carefully balanced with bronzed and heavy-bodied Virginias. Finished with a special flavour providing a delicate spice aroma.

These are just a select few Dunhills we have on offer view the full range here.


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