Top 5 Pipe Tobaccos for the Summer

As summer approaches we always try and find the perfect tobacco for any summer occasion. I have put together a list of great tobaccos I feel are perfect for the hot weather.

  1. Rattrays Buckingham

This blend is full of wonderful flavours and aromas. You get Hickory nut, vanilla and cinnamon, if that doesn’t intrigue we don’t know what will. This has to be up there as a must try tobacco. Rattrays never fail to make quality pipes and tobacco, the Buckingham mixture combines a mixture of Black cavendish, Golden Virginias and a fragrant Burley, in simple terms we would say there is no alternative, you won’t find one similar.

  1. Davidoff Danish Mixture

Davidoff pipe tobaccos have often been looked past due to their price, but this is definitely a tobacco you can’t afford to miss out on. The time and care Davidoff take when making tobaccos is incredible each one is made to the highest quality and produced with amazing flavours. The Danish mixtures aroma hits you straight away with the scent of figs, plums and raisins hitting you straight away, these then come out as the flavours when you are puffing away, A beautiful tobacco with great character.

  1. Peterson Connoisseurs Choice

This tobacco is like a summer cocktail amazing flavours of Tropical fruit, rum and vanilla hit you throughout. Created using black cavendish and Golden and red Virginias it really is a satisfyingly sweet and spicy smoke. We always need one Peterson in our top tobaccos, there blends never fail to impress, and this one really lives up to its name. All the connoisseurs enjoy it but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a beginner’s tobacco because it is so smooth.

  1. Samuel Gawith Seasons English Summer Flake

Can’t get more summery than actually calling your tobacco a Summer flake. Made from natural Virginia leaves which have sustained a long, ageing process. Gives Summer a great, cool, slow burning and delicate flavour. A creamy blend throughout with a perfect room note, the florally flavours really get you into the spirit for summer.

  1. Peterson Summertime Limited Edition 2018

Peterson’s limited edition was always going to make into this list. Every year they create an amazing blend perfect for the summer. A sweet tobacco with flavours of vanilla and caramel, which here is two of our favourites. This is a must try for the summer and is limited so you will have to get yours quick before they all fly of the shelf.

There you have it, our top 5 pipe tobaccos for the summer. So add to your basket and enjoy while have this beautiful weather.

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