Two of our favourite pipes and a new sampler!

We don’t usually like to pick favourites here at Turmeaus but these two pipes are beautys. Both offer the coolest of smokes and allow for you to really taste all of the flavours.

Rattrays Turmeaus GR5 pipe. This pipe was made exclusively for Turmeaus shops and has the quality of a Rattrays pipe.  A really smooth and cool smoke. These were a limited edition of only 10 pipes made to promote our Turmeaus shops and so a rare pipe, ideal for the collector. Rattrays never fail to impress when it comes to quality and its no different with this pipe, perfection down to the last detail.

We wouldn’t usually rate a pipe just on it’s stem but how could we not with this one. Savinelli Oceano 606 pipe. The stem is a mix of glorious blue and white really living up to its name and tribute to the foaming ocean.The bowl is also a beautiful shade of brown, definitely reason enough to be one of our favourites.

We also have a treat for you, I have put together a sampler full of great flavours and aromas especially for you guys. Every week I will be putting together a new sampler. Each one will consist of 5 different blends with an arry of aromas and flavours.  Check it out here.

Available in this sampler:

Dunhill Navy Rolls – 10g

Peterson De Luxe Mixture – 10g

Mac Baren Black Ambrosia – 10g

Germains Gold Leaf – 10g

Samuel Gawith Spring Time Flake – 10g

Hopefully you can enjoy this one before we move onto the new sampler next week. Have a good weekend.


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