Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #9

Hi all, It has been a crazy couple of weeks in store and online so much so that I didn’t have a chance to write my blog last week! Safe to say last week we had many customers purchasing last minute gifts and some after smokes to enjoy over the Christmas period.

Monday was incredibly busy in store and online, due to postal strikes we have been sending a lot of parcels with a courier service instead and this option has proved extremely popular for those wanting last minute gifts. In store we had a lot of people buying themselves cigars and tobacco as gifts to themselves, including one of my regulars who bought the most amount of pipe tobacco I have seen and said “I refuse to be disturbed, if anyone asks me to do something i’ll say no and keep smoking” A great attitude to have this Christmas if you ask me. We also pulled a name from a hat for our pipe competition and I must say congratulations to the winner who was so excited he came in the store about 10 minutes later to collect it.

Tuesday was again filled with lots of online order pickings with the majority of customers choosing the courier service to get their cigars in time for Christmas. Sharon was needed again to book on orders which means I get to serve all the customers (which is one of my favourite things to do). I spent an hour with one of my regulars and his brother just looking at cigars and helping them decide on their New Year smoke. They decided on the new Regius Serie Limitada Wide Churchill and what an amazing cigar they are, a must have if you ask me.

Wednesday was much quieter with the online orders. However, in store we have been very busy, a lot of customers had mentioned due to the Royal Mail strikes they wanted to come in so they could guarantee their gifts would make it on time. By the end of the day our shelves were looking bare so a quick stock up and we’re good to go again. During my down time a wrote an article on the new Regius Serie Limitada cigars as they are too good not to share, you can read that here.

Thursday was a festive day in the office as it was our secret Santa present giving! I had our whisky stock expert Imogen. As she had recently moved into a house of her own I decided to get her a lovely cookbook and penguin mug as she loves penguins. Jeanette the packing team leader in Norfolk, she got me some books for my daughter as she knows all I ever want is toys and books for my daughter.

You won’t see me until the 28th of December as I’m off to enjoy Christmas with my family but I look forward seeing you all from the 28th.

See you all next week

Oliver 🙂

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