Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #10

Hi all, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. The Norfolk shop has been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to write to you all. 

The first bank holiday of a new year is always strange as we all come in to count all the stock in the building! As you know me and Sharon do a weekly stock take of the Cuban humidor however this time we had to split up and count the Cuban, New world and machine made cigars! It took the whole day but we got there in the end, so much so that I helped count some of the pipes in our pipe room. 

Tuesday began in a strange way. Instead of the usual pickings we actually couldn’t pick as we had an auditor in to ensure our stock-take was correct so as we waited eagerly, me and Sharon decided to have a move around of the displays in the shop, moving our fantastic Snowdonia Distillery range to a more prominent position and sorting out the display cabinet to show off our accessories. At around 10.30 our pickings finally came and there was a lot! A lot of people were certainly taking advantage of our January sale! With many pickings lasting the day, I couldn’t believe how long it took but alas we all got there in the end. 

When you come in next you will find there has been quite a few changes, Sharon has been busy creating some lovely displays, we are also updating all of our pricing in store which is a very long and arduous process but we will get there. I served a lovely man on holiday from London, he recently started his cigar journey and wanted to try a variety. He began his cigar journey by smoking Ashton cigars in Las Vegas so wanted to try something new, I suggested a Regius Serie Limitada Wide Churchill as they are too good not to try. He also tried the Casa Turrent 1880 Maduro Lancero, if you know me by now I prefer Maduro cigars over anything so will always suggest them, his last cigar was the Brick House Double Connecticut Corona Larga, again another favourite of mine. He was a lovely man and really appreciated my help, I do enjoy serving everyone who comes into our store and it feels even better when they appreciate your help.

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

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