Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #8

Happy Monday to you all and what a busy one we had! The online orders went through the roof! It was a long and arduous day but we got there in the end. We have also decided to send all priority orders with DPD due to the Royal Mail strikes. At the weekend Sharon and Billy spent the whole day stocking up the shop and making it look amazing which they did very well. Has some lovely customers including a regular who always buys his Mitchellero Novellini box, he said they’re great quality cigars and the price is very affordable. On request of the packing team we had the Japan vs Croatia game on the radio. 

Tuesday began with a lot of orders yet again, Christmas season is certainly taking over but we are keeping up very well. I served a lovely gentleman who was after our Gawith Hoggarth Seasonal Reserve. He had contacted Gawith Hoggarth in August to make sure they were doing it again! That is commitment! He also treated himself to some Golden Blends no.3 as he claims it’s a lovely taste and very smooth. In between serving customers I have been finalising the cigar subscriptions, we have unfortunately decided to take the Cuban cigar out of the subscription due to the rising costs of Cubans so it is now the New World cigar subscription so you will get 5 high quality premium cigars and every now and then I may put in a little gift 😉

Thursday began with Sharon booking parcels all day to help us keep on top of orders, so I spent the day picking orders and keeping on top of the shop’s stock as we have been selling a lot of Colibri accessories recently. During the day I was a part of another marketing meeting to plan out January and see how good sales were over black friday. We also discussed more new samplers so make sure you keep an eye out on our social media or sign up to our newsletters to see what we have in store. The afternoon I carried on making the leaflet for the subscription as well as more pickings!

Friday was filled with lots of pickings as well as many customers. We have had many people enter our in store pipe contest but there’s still time to enter as the winner will be contacted on the 19th of December! Me and Sharon completed our weekly Cuban stock take in record time and despite the issues in Cuba we still have quite the range available to you.

Saturday felt a bit different this time as our Customer Service Manager Hayley was working from home with Covid so it was just myself, Sarah and Ben. Ben has only been with us a few weeks, but he has nailed the booking on parcels as well as picking and packing orders. We had a lot of orders to pick in the morning which took us up to midday but we got there in the end and then we started stocking the shelves. The Christmas period is always busy and so stocking up becomes more of a regular occurrence and one week you could fill up the pipe room and in a day or two it can look empty.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this insert and I look forward to see what the following week brings us

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #8”

  1. Oliver
    Thanks for your various interesting email posts.
    Do you ever come across authentic genuine JAMAICAN pipe baccy ? I don’t mean [say] American pipe tobacco laced with some Jamaican rum BUT only “the real deal.”
    Best etc. to you & the shop.
    Bruce Jackson
    Come on the Red Scousers.

    1. Hi Bruce,
      Unfortunately we don’t stock genuine Jamaican pipe tobacco i’m afraid. But we do have some amazing alternatives.

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