Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #11

Hi all, been a bit of a funny couple of weeks as both me and Sharon have been struggling with illness but we battle on through ensuring you get the top service you deserve and keeping our beautiful store exquisite!

We have been very busy with pickings and it seems to be that people have been taking advantage of our January sales, with many people taking advantage of our great deals! Afterwards, I finished writing my latest article on Chacom pipes and took all the pictures for it. My pictures were so good it actually featured in one of our newsletters for last week! I’m not a photographer by any means I just give it a go and thankfully the marketing team have helped me improve and even like my work. 

On Tuesday I had two marketing meetings! So once I finished picking orders I had my first one. It was all about us using Linkedin more and using it to communicate to our customers (like yourself) and a wider audience. Feel free to add me on there and you can enjoy things that I post and I’m sure we will get chatting soon. The second meeting (which happened to be in the local wetherspoons) was about our marketing plans for the future so watch this space! Once I got back I had noticed Sharon had moved around the alcohol shelves into a better order putting some gift packs out too as we have many customers buying gifts so it only made sense. Later in the afternoon I finished planning Marchs cigar subscription and I can tell you that it is a really good one! If you’re interested click here, you pay £74.99 but Marchs subscription is actually worth almost £100! You’d be silly not to get one!

Thursday I had a lovely customer with his wife and son come in who i believe are starting to become regulars, they like looking at the pipes together and the gentleman always asks his wife if she likes it which I think is sweet as i’m sure she looks at it while he smokes it and his little one was cute and couldn’t stop staring at me – not sure if that’s a good thing or not…

We are also starting a new cigar promotion in store! We have some disbanded cigars and all you have to do is purchase one for £12.99 and then guess what the cigar is once you’ve smoked it. If you are correct we will add 500 loyalty points to your account, its that simple so good luck! Sharon has decorated our shop ready for Valentines day, adding new displays to our existing ones and theming the centre display for his and hers.

On Friday I finished my article about K by Karen Berger cigars which you can read here. All pictures were taken by me too as I am enjoying photography more these days. Lewis, our content creator also wanted me to take a picture of our shop display for our shop newsletter with the lovely Sharon in ofcourse. She takes a lot of pride in her displays to the point that other members of staff are scared to touch them 😉 She is holding a bottle of Foragers Winberry Gin which she thinks is the best gin out of the range.

On Saturday I was determined to re-organise the pipe room, it always looks nice but I felt like it could have been better and it was a bit rough around the edges. So I moved pipes around the room, stocked and even explored corners I’ve never looked at before and found so many old displays that I have never seen before! I have worked here for three years and found so many things that I didn’t know we even had! After tidying up I carried on the non-stop task of stocking the humidor as by the time I have stocked it up we sell almost everything and I have to start all over.

I hope you are enjoying my blogs so far and if you want to know anymore feel free to email me at [email protected]

So long for now


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