Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #19

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had an amazing week! The sun is breaking through more often which means more time to relax and enjoy a smoke! I’ve been enjoying the Flor de Oliva Robusto, anyone who has been in our store knows that I rate these very highly. They are medium bodied but don’t overpower the palate. 

We had a very busy Monday with all the online orders coming in thick and fast! When I had finished them (finally) I started researching for my new article. Whilst doing this I had a regular customer come in, as always he purchased a box of Mitchellero Novellini and in a little change he treated himself to three Montecristo Petit Edmundo, certainly a nice treat!

On Tuesday I started writing my article after finishing the research yesterday, it is about different aspects of purchasing the correct pipe lighter which you can read here. Once I had finished writing, I went to take pictures, however this week I was assisting Sharon with website product images as this is a new venture for her! In fact, all the pictures in my article were taken by Sharon and she did a really good job! 

Wednesday was a humidor stock up day, after the amount of online orders and pickings we have it’s only natural for the shelves to get a little bit bare. So I went around and stocked up and re-arranged shelves to fit more cigars on. Once done I  then passed on what stock needed ordering to Chris our Senior Buyer, it’s all about teamwork here!

Sharon was off on Thursday so I handled all the shop front, there were two young lads who came in and they always request for their cigars to be cut for them (a service we have always provided). Whilst using an inexpensive cutter I realised I need to treat myself to a new one so I invested myself to a Cigarism Cutter as I have always admired them but never thought about using one my thoughts?… SMOOTHEST CUT I HAVE EVER DONE! You never realise the struggle of a cheap cutter until you use a high quality cutter with extra sharp blades, you all need to get yours now! As well as serving the customers we have made a small but very effective change in the humidor: Gurkha have humipacks of cigars and they are always hidden on the top shelf but not anymore! We have put some hooks up in our humidor to really show them off and it looks amazing!

Later on in the day I was asked to create a short video for our C.Gars Youtube channel, I was nervous as I’m usually behind the camera but after a few takes I felt comfortable and sent it to the marketing team – Now i’m starring in a my own mini series of treasures in the humidor! On top of the videos I have also been asked to take pictures of our shop so we can promote it more on facebook too!

Friday I took some lovely pictures of our humidor ready for our marketing team to share and helped them with weekend samplers as I tend to know what stock we have to hand so we can send out your orders efficiently. In the afternoon it was mine and Sharon’s weekly Cuban stock take and there was a lot of change this week as the box bundle deal has been very popular!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog, as you can see there has been lots of changes in store and now to my role too. Make sure you pop in next time you’re around even if it’s just to say hello!

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

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