Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #20

Hi Everyone I hope you’re all excited for your Bank Holiday weekend part 1! After all there are three this month to enjoy! It has been a busy week in store and with online orders too. 

Monday was the usual crazy amounts of pickings but I had them completed by the afternoon, so I researched and wrote my article which is all about La Aurora cigars and I didn’t know they were the oldest cigar makers in the Dominican Republic! You can read all about it here. After I finished writing I took the pictures for it and sent them off to the marketing team to be used on social media. 

Tuesday began with a lovely mother and son who knew exactly what they wanted, A Sweet Smoking Experience Gift Box Sampler as well as The Brisk Bunch sampler and a Brick House sampler! While I was putting all those together the young man saw our Cigarism displays and liked the look of the Cigarism V-Cut Cigar Cutter in a glossy red colour so he treated himself to that too! Later that day I served a friendly man who was getting married on Saturday, he wanted a nice cigar for himself and his groomsmen, when serving someone who wants a cigar for a wedding you really have to think as you don’t want the cigar to ruin their day so the taste needs to be perfect but it needs to look good in the pictures too! So a little Petit Corona is out of the question, I tend to try to push people towards the Coronas or Robustos as they won’t take the whole day to smoke and look good in pictures – In this case we went for five Regius Serie Limitada Robustos as we decided the gold band would look great in the pictures and they aren’t too expensive either so if someone doesn’t like them it isn’t the end of the world. Alongside this he bought a nice Cigarism Windproof Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter in black and an empty Regius Serie Limitada box to present the cigars in on the big day! I hope he has an amazing day. 

As well as serving customers I started taking pictures of whisky to help out with our cgars whisky Instagram page, you should check it out! I don’t often take pictures of whisky as it’s a slightly different technique needed that I haven’t perfected yet but I will keep working on it and soon enough my pictures will be on there.

On Thursday Me and Humidor Supervisor Billy started stock counting the New World cigars which by now you know it is a hard process and takes all day to do, however this time we enlisted Sharon, who impressed during other stock takes to help us too. So to do this we asked Sarah who is an apprentice to serve customers whilst we all concentrated on stock take. As a team we did really well and actually finished it all in one day which rarely happens! However news broke through that this stock take will now be done every two weeks instead of monthly just to ensure we all know what stock we do have. 

On Friday I started writing a new article which you will see next week all about a new brand of cigars that we have never had before called Foundation Cigars! In the afternoon I did the Cuban stock take by myself as Sharon had Courtney (who you may have seen on Saturdays) come into the shop to learn the role as she will need to do it a lot more soon.

On Saturday once me and the team finished picking orders, I decided to leave the shop in the capable hands of Sarah and Courtney as I have full trust in Sarah to be able to serve customers and do general shop duties and as Courtney was learning I thought it would be great again for her to be with Sarah so they could learn off each other and Courtney could start serving customers without having me breathing down her neck. In the meantime I went to our beautiful conference room to take more cigar pictures mainly of Foundation cigars as well as made some more youtube short videos which hopefully Lewis our content creator will upload asap!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

So long for now


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