Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #28

Hi everyone! This week has been a little bit different than usual and quite interesting to say the least.

On Monday as well as the usual high number of online order pickings to do, me and Sharon helped the packing team as we were a member down for the day – We managed to get all online orders picked and even between us helped to pack over 100 packages! It was a nice change to work with the packing team and be able to lend a hand.

First thing Tuesday morning, I walked into the packing department ready to help out again and there were no orders left – Just goes to show how great of a team we really are! So once I finished my pickings I made a start on my monthly shop newsletters, even though they are a new job to me, I am enjoying them and feel confident working on them. In between newsletters I have also finished writing and taking pictures for my latest article about Cedar in the cigar industry, it’s an interesting read – check it out here. We had one of our regulars come in who was looking for a nice bottle of whisky for his father – He took advantage of our sale on the Macallan A Night on Earth, which has been reduced from £249 to just £99.99! A real bargain and if you know Macallan whisky you know it will be a good one – and if you don’t know Macallan it’s the perfect time to be introduced!

On Thursday it was mine and Billy’s fortnightly stock take of the New World humidor, this one was interesting as we have had a lot of new cigars come in since our last one and we kept getting side tracked by looking at all of these new ranges we have to offer. I’m particularly interested in the Silencio range as they are a range that you can get in the U.S too! We really knuckled down and with the help of Sharon (who also served all customers that day to let us get on) we completed it by 2pm! After the stock take I started taking photos for more newsletters. Due to being busy with stock take, Sharon served all of our customers.

Friday came along so quickly! After my morning pickings we had Ben come to learn how to work in the shop, he currently works on deliveries and our pipe tobacco samplers but he wants to broaden his work load and both me and Sharon are happy to train anyone. Ben also works on Saturdays but he’s always been working behind the scenes, doing the behind the scenes work, so you’ll soon see Ben in the shop, come on in and say hello! Later on in the day I had a gentleman who purchased all of our Davidoff Escurio range! As well as a box of Mitchellero Novellini! They have been really popular as we sold 3 boxes today! In the afternoon me and Sharon completed our usual Cuban stock take.

On Saturday I had the company of Evie, who helped out with pickings and doing some customer care with our Customer care manager Hayley. I used this day to stock up shelves fully and train up Ben and Evie with dealing with customers in store.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

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