Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #29

Hello everyone, it has been a busy week here in Norfolk. We have had a lot of customers visiting us, and we also have a variety of new cigars available.

On Monday it was a particularly busy day both in-store and online, with several orders coming my way. I was managing the store on my own that day, so I requested assistance from Lisa and Shanel to help me with fulfilling my orders. Working together, we managed to complete them with time to spare

I also had my regular customers coming in to get their usual cigars, later in the afternoon I had one gentleman come in who was celebrating and wanted to treat himself to a nice whisky to add to his collection. After much thinking, he decided to purchase three different Glenglassaugh expressions – The 12-year-old, Portsoy and Sandend. He had never tried any of them before so decided to go head first and try three different ones.

Sharon was back with me on Tuesday and so it was much calmer. After my morning pickings, I started researching for my next article, I thought back to the day prior with the gentleman who bought three bottles and it made me wonder if whisky could go off. I know you can keep an unopened bottle for many years but one that has been opened I wasn’t so sure. In between my research, I noticed we had yet more cigars come in! 

It seems like every week we have a new brand come available, this time it was new releases from Caldwell – The King is Dead – they are available in 3 different vitolas: Manzanita which is a Petit Corona, The Last Payday which is a Torpedo and Premier which is a Robusto. All of these are available in-store and online with an introductory offer so get yours here. 

On Wednesday I was without Sharon for the morning so again I enlisted the help of Lisa to help me with picking, which she did brilliantly! For the rest of the day, I finished all of the shop’s newsletters ready for them all to go out to our loyal subscribers. 

On Thursday after picking orders me and Sharon re-arranged the humidors to incorporate our new stock and I have to say it looks much smarter now. We also had a gentleman who wanted some cigars for his stag party so I suggested a box of Mitchellero Robusto – A great size cigar for a great price with amazing flavours!

It’s Friday! And after my usual pickings, I spent the rest of my time writing my article about whisky going off which you can read here. In the afternoon me and Sharon had our usual Cuban stock take which seems to be effortless these days!

I hope you enjoy what’s going on in our Norfolk store and I hope you can all stop by soon!

So long for now,

Oliver 🙂

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