Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #36

Good morning everyone, my apologies for my recent absence. I’ve been on a break, and this blog post will be a little different. It’s a compilation of the highlights of events at the Norfolk store on the days that I was present.

As always I have been writing articles for the C.Gars cigar library. Since my last blog, I have written about My Father Cigars, Our new LCDH store and Puffin Rooms in Edinburgh, and The Mash Tun in Aberlour which is an amazing whisky bar! And this week I wrote about what to do if you have an over-humidified cigar. You can view all of these articles and more here.

We have also had a full building stock take which we do every quarter on top of the usual stock takes I talk about. Stock takes used to take everyone a few days to complete but recently we have been completing them in less than a day! It all comes down to teamwork and seeing who needs help the most.

I have also created November’s New World Subscription box which is worth over £111 but all you pay is £74.99! A massive bargain if you ask me so click here to purchase yours today!

In the Norfolk shop, we have also created a raffle to win a Christmas hamper worth over £200! It is £1 a ticket so next time you are in Norfolk pop in just to get your ticket!

Sharon spent a lot of time organising and decorating the shop for Halloween! And it looks incredible! The best it has looked since I have worked here! Sharon will be leaving us soon to join the Royal Mail team, where she will be booking parcels for online orders. I’m thrilled to announce that Sharon is expecting her first child! Many of the regulars will already know this but others will not so I hope everyone reading will congratulate her and maybe have a glass of whisky to celebrate for her! She will be leaving us around the New Year for her maternity leave so you will all see some newer faces in the shop as we are having a shuffle behind the scenes to cover her. You may notice that Courtney, Sarah, and Evie will be assisting you more frequently. Rest assured that Sharon and I have trained them to maintain the highest level of service for you. However, they are still in the learning phase, so we kindly ask for your patience.

Finally and most importantly, who has been in the shop? We have had plenty of customers purchasing a vast array of products. It was only yesterday that a regular customer purchased a Vauen Auenland pipe for his mother’s birthday. He explained that she had a rustic shed where she displays her pipes which matches that style, so that was the perfect pipe! We also had a regular, Tony come in numerous times. He is always an entertaining customer as sometimes he can’t choose between a few cigars, so I always get the final decision and wait until next time to see if he is happy with it.

So that’s three weeks’ worth of what is going on in the Norfolk store condensed down but I hope to see you all again soon and I will be back with my regular weekly updates.

So long for now,

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