Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #44

Hi everyone! It’s time for another one of my blogs! Yet again I have had a very different week, it really makes me appreciate where I work as no day is the same!

On Monday we had so many orders I couldn’t believe it! They certainly kept us all busy. Once Sarah, Porscha and myself finished the bulk of the order, Sarah helped out in the packing department, leaving the two of us to finish the orders and serve our lovely customers. We had decided at the start of the day that Porscha would serve as many customers as possible to get her more experience and boy did she get a great customer to test her. He regularly enjoys his Tabak Especials, so Porscha showed him our new sizes for him to try – the Medio Robusto, the Medio Corona and the Toraja. He purchased one of each as well as one each of the Undercrown Robusto too, all together the total came to a higher amount than Porscha is used to but she handled it perfectly and I think it has made her confident to serve all of our customers now! 

On Tuesday, it was my day in the office completing marketing tasks. I created a new monitor picture to advertise the Mitchellero Robusto to our customers. 

Everyone who comes into our store either knows or should know all about them, but it does surprise a lot of people when I tell them it is our best selling cigar! So If you haven’t had one, what’s stopping you?! Also I wrote my weekly article for the C.Gars cigar library. It’s all about cutting your cigar in half, I often get customers asking if you can do such a thing and I say no but others will say yes so this article is perfect to find out more. Click here to read all about it. Once I had taken the pictures for the article I was called in by Ben to help him with one of the largest delivery of cigars I had ever seen! He required my expertise to ensure every cigar was accounted for.

On Wednesday, Sarah was required in the Packing department so that left myself and Ciaran to handle the shop which we did brilliantly, we stocked up on the alcohol bottles and made sure all the prices were correct. We had a lovely gentleman come in, he was sent there by his manager who is a regular in our store. Under his manager’s instructions he purchased two Por Larranaga Galanes, they are very pretty looking cigars which are quite medium in strength so perfect for relaxing.

Thursday was a deep clean day for Sarah and myself. I spent almost all of my day moving cigars around in the new world humidor and hoovering all the mess and bits of tobacco that naturally fall off of the cigars. I was also able to fit more cigars out on the shelves, more cigars equals more options for our customers. Sarah organised and deep cleaned the pipe cupboards and it looks much nicer and organised! We had one gentleman come in to purchase a few cigars and we seem to have the same tastes as one of his favourite cigars is the Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion Shorty. Many readers on here will know my favourite cigar is the Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion Skinny so it’s nice to meet someone who’s favourite is the same.

Friday was another big delivery day, Ben was needed to do them all so we all shifted around as a team to help him out. We try to be as multi-skilled as we can, it wasn’t that long ago that I remember working full time in the packing department and when you needed help, no one was trained well enough and so it was difficult. Now we have multiple people able to help if needed. In the afternoon it was the usual Cuban stock take but this time Sarah helped me out.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks going’s on in Norfolk and I hope to see you all very soon

So long for now


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