Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #45

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Valentines day, filled with love and joy. We had a great time in the shop with all the decorations and amazing deals we had on.

As always on a Monday we had plenty of online orders to keep us busy, yet again the versatility of our team really showed as once Sarah finished picking her online orders, she moved into the packing team to give them a boost with packing. Leaving myself and Porscha in the shop, stocking the shelves and entertaining a customer I only get to see once a year. He is a lovely man who I always look forward to seeing, and he certainly enjoys a wide variety of cigars. He usually enjoys his Cohibas and H. Upmanns, but this time he wanted to try some new world cigars. I explained the quality behind the Davidoffs and how the Yamasa range would suit him perfectly so he purchased a box of Yamasa Robusto as well as a few singles of the Davidoff Orchant Seleccion Liverpool edition. For a lighter cigar he decided to have a box of Mitchellero Robusto and a box of Mitchellero Peru Robusto Extra. I feel like he buys in bulk so he can only shop once a year.

On Tuesday, it was my office day where I was able to catch up on all of my computer work, I created an article for the C.Gars cigar library about Kristoff cigars, an overlooked range which I think everyone should try. I tried the Maduro Robusto last week and was really surprised as to how good they were. I also spent the time to take the pictures for the article and I think they came out pretty good, what do you think? Click here to view the article. I also spent time creating rotas for the shop and updating our system to have the latest cigars.

On Thursday, Billy and I counted all of our New World cigars, previous readers will know how difficult and time consuming this is and the sense of relief when we have finally completed it. Meanwhile, Sarah and Ciaran handled the shop perfectly, I was able to see many smiling customers.

Friday we all rotated around a bit, Porscha worked her first Friday! This was so Ciaran could move into the warehouse for online picking and handling deliveries, and Sarah stayed in packing to assist Robyn due to Lisa being on holiday. Altogether we worked as a team and the day went brilliantly. As always in the afternoon Ciaran and I completed the Cuban stock count. This time round though I had noticed many Cuban cigars that I hadn’t seen for a very long time! Check out the website to see what we have in stock!

On Saturday, I was working with Ciaran and Porscha, and we decided to re-arrange the Cuban room to represent the strength of all the cigars. We have gone from the lightest to the strongest, this way it will be easier for newer members of staff to learn about the strengths and aid them when serving a customer. We had a vast array of customers, including one that Ciaran served for over an hour! Talking everything to do with pipes. This really shows that we do have all the time in the world for our customers, I often get a customer say “I hope i’m not taking up too much of your time” and I always say “I’m here until the shop shuts so take all the time you need”, You can see this really relaxes them and lets them take their time for a purchase. 

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks goings on and I hope to see you in the Norfolk store very soon!

So long for now


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