Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #5

Hi all, I have a bit of a shorter blog this week due to me going on holiday from Thursday, but don’t you all worry the Norfolk shop will be covered by Sharon who you may have seen in the shop on Saturdays, It won’t be long until she’s in the shop full time! Ready to share her knowledge with you all. 

Monday is filled with online orders to be picked. It is always a busy day on a Monday but we still keep our high standards in the shop. By the time I finished my pickings it was the afternoon so I wrote an article for next week as I’m off all week! (don’t miss me too much) So the Cigar Library will still be updated while i’m gone, I also had time to take the pictures too and hopefully you’ll see them on our social media if they are deemed good enough by our Marketing team who have extremely high standards! As only the best make it to our social media.

Tuesday I was booking parcels for our Royal Mail team as they were down a member. They are also having changes due to Sharon shifting into the shop so they are having new people to train, one of those people is Shanel who is an apprentice, she’s usually in the packing room but is now learning the other side of it all. She was also given the task of writing an article by our manager (which she smashed), so I showed her how to add it onto our Cigar Library. We were both happy with the outcome.

We also have started doing a Davidoff raffle with samplers, you purchase a sampler and you are automatically put into a draw to win a beautiful Davidoff accessory, click here to view the samplers.

Wednesday started with the traditional pickings and showing our new staff member Courtney around and doing a few pickings herself. She is currently learning the Booking on system but is doing a bit of picking in between. In the afternoon I was a part of the marketing meeting, seeing where we can improve our offers for all of you and what new offers or samplers we can provide for you. We have some very exciting deals and even a raffle coming soon so keep an eye out for that!

See you all in a week!

Oliver 🙂

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