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Hi everyone, it seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve posted but please forgive me as I have been away on holiday. We are all prepared for Christmas here including my new shop partner Sharon who has now joined us in the shop ready to help you out with all your tobacco needs. 

Monday was extremely busy in store and online as we had many customers within the first hour of opening as well as having a lot of online pickings, many people ordering ready for Christmas. These pickings took me up until 1pm to finish, of which it was time for a lovely cup of coffee and relaxation. In the afternoon there was a certain sporting event that many members of staff were excited about… Myself included, I even put the radio on instead of the music in the shop so everyone working could listen in. 

Tuesday began with a lovely gentleman coming in and giving me an insight to his cigar journey and spending more than he wanted but he was still happy with his choices. This was followed by another gentleman who loved his Trinidad cigars, so much that he bought a box of 24 Reyes as well as some Vigias. A brilliant day in the shop indeed. I have been spending time still rearranging the New World humidor but we are almost there I would say, I can’t wait to show you all around. We had a late customer however he is one of my favourites who I rarely get to see, he usually has Cuban cigars but he has started to try New worlds so I suggested the delicious Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion Shorty… next day I see he’s purchased a box! And he said they are a magnificent cigar (which I already knew). Customers who enjoy cigars I recommend really give me a great feeling.

Thursday was a store maintenance day if you will. I was joined by Sarah who helped de-plume the humidor and clean out the humidifiers. She is trying her best to learn about the cigars and their flavour profiles and I think in a few months she will be very confident. While Sarah was doing that, myself and Sharon started labelling up the New World humidor to make it easier for our customers to see exactly what stock we have. 

Have you seen my new article in the C.Gars cigar library? Christmas Gifts for Cigar Lovers. I decided to write this to help out everyone who is struggling to think of a gift that isn’t just cigars as I know I prefer to receive accessories from loved ones over cigars.

Fridays mean one thing… Cuban stock take, I think I know the Cuban humidor more than I know my own house by now. I have also been organising the January subscription box with some great cigars including a Limited edition cigar but to find out which one you’ll need to buy the box ;). Meanwhile the December subscriptions are packed up and ready to go out, I have put in a couple of treats too as it is the season of giving.

I do love working Saturdays and today I have Sarah with me who will start serving some of you when she can. She has been learning all about cigars, taste notes and burn times, I believe you will all love being served by her. One of my favourite customers came in and was served by Sarah and he is the perfect person to be your first customer, he treated himself to his usual Plasencia Reserva 1898 Toro and then we discussed whisky. He has tried many different ones but not a Japanese whisky so I let him try a bit of an open bottle of Nikka Days and he loved it, so much so that he bought a bottle!

In store currently we are doing a raffle where you purchase 25g of Gawith Hoggarth Summer Reserve and you are entered into a draw to win a Rattrays Bulls and Dogs 40 Sandblast 9mm Pipe which is worth £129.99! This has proved to be very popular and we have many entrants so come in store to enter, you have to be in it to win it 😉

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

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