Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #7

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had a good week. I treated myself to a Monday off but I can see Sharon has looked after the shop well and then Tuesday I took over as she is helping the Royal Mail team book parcels on, we are starting to feel the Christmas rush now with lots more orders for cigars and accessories coming in, I have also seen some orders with items I suggested in my Christmas gifts article which is great!

Also on Tuesday me and the Humidor Supervisor Billy started the stock count on New World cigars, this will took us until the end of Wednesday as there are many fantastic cigars in there. Whilst this was going on I also served many customers including a couple who wanted a new humidor for their son so I spent time with them browsing and explaining why Adorini is much better quality than most, you can also read about Adorini humidors here to find out for yourself. I also had a young man looking for Roku Gin, I advised that even though Roku is good but our Foragers range is better and is recommended by TV chef James Martin, by the end he bought the Foragers Yellow Label and used a gift voucher which we sell in store too!

Wednesday consisted of non stop New World stock taking for myself and Billy, this monumental task will be done once a month so we can keep our stock levels up for you all to enjoy. While I was doing this Sharon set up a new display with our Orchant Seleccion candles and I must say I’m very impressed with it and the scents available! Next time you come in I’m sure you’ll smell them.

Thursday began with a lot of pickings for online, however our apprentice Sarah was on hand to help as well as serve customers in the shop. She impressed me a lot on Saturday and only wants to improve more. I spent a lot of time with Billy again to try to organise the New World humidor so it’s not so cluttered and we have introduced a very nice table to showcase more cigars on. 

Friday started off with lots of pickings again and many of the new samplers we have online ready for Christmas! Had a lovely customer come in to buy for her husband but had no idea what cigars he liked so I mentioned many names and we finally settled on Montecristo, one of the best Cubans if you ask me. She chose the Linea 1935 Maltes which is a supreme smoke! As well as the cigar she chose a very nice Colibri Ashtray and Rolling stones Zippo, some lovely Christmas presents if you ask me. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and if you have any questions of what happens day to day behind the scenes i’m always available for a chat in the Norfolk store or email me at [email protected] 

So long for now

Oliver 🙂

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