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Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #43

Hi Everyone, It’s almost Valentine’s day which means we have great offers in store for your loved ones! In the store I have been decorating the shop, with help from the team of course. Sarah has decorated the pipe room lovingly with pipes that she feels represents love and I have put some great his and hers gift sets on the centre table. Why would you shop anywhere else?

Monday was incredibly busy with online orders! It’s good to see the love for Mitchellero’s have continued into 2024 as I had plenty of online orders requiring them, but don’t worry we have plenty of stock so keep on ordering and I’ll keep picking them for you. Porscha, who has only been working for us for around 3 weeks now is getting more confident each day and is now serving customers confidently by herself, which is a great achievement. I remember when I first started and how difficult it was for me to serve a customer by myself, I always needed help from whoever was working with me, but with time, and a lot of studying I eventually gained the confidence and now everyone looks towards me to help them, which fills me with pride. Later on in the day, we had a gentleman who comes in once a month and usually purchases nub sized cigars, however this time he had a top ten list and wanted to see if we had them all, of which we did! He treated himself to a good selection of Padrons, Trinidads and many other brands from Havana and the New world. I’m sure that will keep him going for the next month!

On Tuesday I was actually working in the office and left the shop in the capable hands of Sarah and Porscha. When I’m in the office, I work incredibly hard to get my marketing work completed, this includes pictures for the monitors in the humidor, new articles, news pieces and newsletters. Talking of new articles, I created a new article for the C.Gars cigar library which is about our top 10 cigars of 2023, of which was really chosen by our loyal customers as they were our best sellers. You can read that article here. I was able to complete our shop newsletters, did you receive them? If not let me know and I’ll add you to the mailing list!

Thursday was New World stock take day for Billy and I. We dedicate the day to counting all of our New World cigars and I can tell you there are a lot. However, this time it only took us around 4 hours to complete, which is definitely a new record! We did it so fast that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves for the rest of the day. However customers came calling so I gotta do what I do best and that is serve our customers. Meanwhile Ciaran and Porscha both received training about Cuban cigars, including how to cut, light and smoke them. Ciaran certainly enjoyed his cigar and then claimed the spare one too!

On Friday I spent time with Ciaran, teaching him how to organise the till system. This process is very time consuming so the more people the better. To ensure there are no mistakes, we will be doing this process together as I have been fully trained and it is very important there are no mistakes. In the afternoon Ciaran and I counted our Cuban stock as always. We also had a visit from one our favourite customer, Tony. He was celebrating having a new job and treated himself to a bottle of Glenfiddich 15 year old! I have recently tried this and found it to be beautifully sweet and incredibly smooth!

Saturday came along so quickly I couldn’t believe it. I spent plenty more time with Ciaran, who I can say is very confident with customers and with pickings, together with Porscha we all did lots of little tasks, which need doing but often get forgotten about.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog and I can’t wait to see you all in the store again soon

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #42

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?! I hope you all had a great new year and most of January! I have been incredibly busy with our brilliant customers as well as usual tasks and now I have even more responsibility!

So what has been going on?

I have been creating New World Subscriptions… Did you know I’ve been doing them now for a year? I have sent out so many amazing cigars to our loyal subscribers it has even made me try a few! My favourite? The Charter Oak Lonsdale from Foundation cigars, it is very rich and with a lovely sweetness too, a must try! Next month is my valentines subscription so obviously there will be a small treat included. 

I have still been working with our shops around the UK to create shop newsletters on their behalf. Since introducing myself to them, we have created a working partnership and I like to think the quality of the newsletters have massively improved!

I have still been working hard on my articles for the C.Gars cigar library on a weekly basis, I have been learning lots about Vegueros, Romeo y Julieta and Plasencia cigars but an interesting read is the one about how to repair a cigar! It’s an interesting read and incredibly helpful. Click here to view those articles.

I have most recently been given the responsibility of updating our till system so that every single cigar is in on the till. This is important for company research purposes but it also helps our customers know what they have purchased by having it written on the receipt. Very often a customer will come in and try to explain the cigar they have had previously so by keeping the receipt you will know exactly what you have enjoyed. These updates are a time consuming task of which I will be using my knowledge to train other employees so we can keep it updated all the time. Hopefully you will see the difference and never question what you have smoked before.

What’s been going on in Norfolk?

We have had two new starters (this is the reason why I haven’t been able to write to you for some time), they are Ciaran and Porscha! Make sure you say hello when you see them! They are both still in training so may take a little longer so just be patient and they will both be trained to our high standards in no time! 

As many of you know Sharon is pregnant with her first child and she has not been working in the shop, well today is her last day before maternity leave! We won’t see her for a long time but I’m sure she will drop in to show off her little bundle of joy! In her place you would have seen Sarah, she is finishing her apprenticeship at the end of this month and she has certainly learned a lot since she has been here! 

We have had plenty of new cigars come in, one of my favourites is the Drew Estate Deadwood Crazy Alice, to begin with the band is a work of art, but the flavours are incredible too if you have a sweet tooth! Notes of chocolate and espresso really come through.

We have enjoyed seeing many of our favourite customers as well as new faces and they have been enjoying our latest cigars too and I hope to see you all again very soon.

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #41

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a brilliant new year! I have enjoyed serving you this year and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year sampling many more cigars and spirits. Talking of spirits, I have treated myself to a bottle of Stalla Dhu Glen Elgin Port Wood, a very fruity whisky and certainly packs a punch! What will you all be enjoying over the next few days?

Here in Norfolk it has been unbelievably busy with in store customers and online orders! This is the time of the year when relatives and friends of our regular customers come in to treat them to a cigar or accessory. This is where our customer service is really high quality as I am able to usually tell what my regular customer enjoy in a cigar and can suggest something similar yet different or point the relative/friend in the direction of the customers usual smoke. A very popular cigar this year was the Regius Orchant Seleccion 2023 Peru Robusto. I would say it is the epiphany of Peruvian tobacco!

We have also been able to enjoy the release of the Davidoff Year of the Dragon 2024, which is a very large cigar to say the least! The box is incredible as it resembles a dragon’s head! Plasencia have also released the Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro Robustus II which has been received well as well as the Cosecha 151 La Musica of which I have been so excited for since we heard the news from Plasencia!

I am not usually one for drinking cream liqueur, however, we had the chance to sample a very tasty cream liqueur from Spirit of Yorkshire and it is unbelievable! The best cream liqueur I have ever tasted. If you ever come to the Norfolk shop make sure you ask for some as it is that good! It will make you buy a bottle!

We are expecting a great 2024 here at Turmeaus and I hope you are all a part of it. You will continue to see new changes in our store starting on the 3rd with a new person starting called Ciaran. He is new to the world of cigars (just like myself 4 years ago) so please welcome him and be patient as it is incredibly difficult to learn about all the different brands of cigars as well as how to smoke a pipe and all of the different accessories. But don’t worry he will be trained up to our high standards.

Remember we are open until the 30th of December, afterwards we close and won’t reopen until the 3rd of January. I look forward to seeing you all in 2024 and I hope it is a great year for you all!

So long for now

Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #40

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I haven’t posted in a while, we have been so busy in store and online! So much so that I haven’t had a chance to sit down! So what’s been going on in the Norfolk store?

We have had plenty of customers treating themselves to the highly enjoyable Por Larranaga 47, we have almost finished our allocation in Norfolk! But fear not, I will contact the rest of our stores to see if they have any left.
Our Christmas raffle is doing incredibly well! We have had so many people buy as many tickets as possible! And I can’t blame them as the contents include a Colibri Pacific pipe lighter, a bottle of the Dominique London Privee Liberation Cognac, a bag of Cuban coffee and more great surprises! The winner will be announced on Friday, so you need to act fast if you want to enter.

I have been incredibly busy making two months worth of New World Subscription boxes. The December box was certainly special as it came with a Christmas cracker that I know you would all enjoy! The January Subscription box is extra special as I have been able to get a hold of cigars that are yet to be released in the UK! I have always said being a subscriber has its benefits and one of them is being able to get cigars before anyone else! I hope my loyal subscribers thoroughly enjoy them.
Of course I have been keeping up to date with the C.Gars cigar library. I have made a couple about gift ideas as after all it is the time for gift giving. Some people who are not educated in cigars love to buy for their cigar smoking companion, but don’t know what to purchase; that’s where my articles come in handy – you can look at them here.

In the shop I have had plenty of people looking for gifts too and luckily I made a display which showcases our spirit miniature gift pack (I made it look Christmassy of course), which has been a hit! I have had to keep stocking the table like there’s no tomorrow! Our Christmas samplers have also been a massive hit in store and online! With lots of customers opting for the Winter Wonderland Christmas Gift Sampler and I can see why… Five lovely cigars, a cutter and a few chocolates – it is everything you need in a beautiful gift box!

We have had plenty of our regulars coming in and stocking up, ready for Christmas including Tony who filled his humidor to the brim with a box of Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion Shortys, a box of Mitchellero Torcedors, a Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Invictos Robusto, a Liga Privada no.9 Flying Pig and a tin of Liga Privada T52 Coronets. I’m sure he will be having a very Merry Christmas indeed! We have had many customers continue to enjoy the Mitchellero range and the latest Peru additions are a real hit! We have recently received stock of the new Regius Orchant Seleccion 2023 Nicaragua edition. These cigars are released each year with extra age which continues to be a popular blend.

The Savinelli St Nicholas 2023 pipes have proved very popular with our customers and this has left only a few left in our store! The perfect pairing for this range of pipe? Well the Gawith Hoggarth Seasonal Reserve obviously, it is one of my favourite blends and you should try it when you can.

One of my favourite customers partner came in and wanted to treat him to a lighter but wasn’t sure as he has a particular style. I instantly knew what he wanted as this customer and myself have chatted often to the point that we see each other outside of Turmeaus to enjoy a smoke or two. I recommended the Vertigo by Lotus Condor Pipe Lighter which comes with pipe tools inside (always handy) and it was a matte black which suited his style. I received feedback to say he loved it and it’s exactly what he was looking for. I always love receiving positive feedback from our customers!

So that is a summary of what has been going on in Norfolk. As always I’m available to be at your service or just a general chat.
So long for now

Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #39

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well, I have been so busy recently that I haven’t been able to update you all on a weekly basis so this is another sum up of the past couple of weeks!

I have been working alongside Courtney and Sarah in the shop and hopefully they are feeling more confident in the shop. We have had many of our favourite customers come in, including Tony who has been enjoying his Arturo Fuente cigars, we even had to order more in from our other shops. 

On the 1st we had the release of the new Por Larranaga 47, which is a regional release limited to 1,500 boxes. We had an incredible event with people purchasing tickets on the day to make sure they could get in! 

I served a lovely gentleman who was having issues with his humidor, he had ordered it off a company who doesn’t specialise in tobacco products or their accessories and couldn’t return it. I did give him some suggestions to try but he decided he wanted to buy a humidor from us as we are more than happy to advise him further. He decided on the Houston Walnut Humidor with a Glass Window. A great way to make your cigars the centrepiece of your house! He purchased around 10 cigars to fill it up too! As I haven’t heard from him, I assume he’s doing well with it. I also had some people who were on holiday and wanted a cigar on the beach, they had never smoked before so as always the Mitchellero Robusto was the decision, great for beginners and incredible value for money, it’s really a no brainer.

The Christmas raffle has been doing very well with over 100 tickets sold! Good luck to everyone involved. The raffle will be drawn on the 15th and the winner will be contacted immediately. 

I know it’s a bit early but the Christmas decorations are up in the shop! I was in charge for the first time and I went all out! I bought a brand new tree and lots of new decorations. With the help of Sarah and Lisa (who normally works in packing), we decorated the shop beautifully with new displays and is already a great talking point amongst customers.

I have still been writing articles for the C.Gars cigar library, I created one about spirits to enjoy around the bonfire as well as fascinating facts about Cohiba. They are probably the most popular brand in Cuba but there is always something that surprises me about them.

We have had new releases from De Olifant, Kristoff, Cavalier and Bossner which have been flying off the shelves!

The Norfolk shop is busier than ever so please be patient with us as some staff are still in their training phase. I can’t wait to see you all in store really soon!

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #38

Hi Everyone,

It’s time for another blog of what’s going on in store! Boy have I been a busy bee, but never too busy to welcome you into our Norfolk store.

On Monday I was joined in the shop by Courtney, she is now working Mondays and Tuesdays with me and it has been a pleasure having her join me! On Monday we worked together to pick many online orders, you can tell it’s getting close to Christmas as we’re having more orders daily. Once we completed our morning pickings, Courtney quickly moved onto stocking and pricing up the Cuban humidor, meanwhile I began researching my next article for the C.Gars cigar Library

On Tuesday, once I completed my online orders I wrote my article. This one was a little different, it was about 6 full strength cigars to try which you can read here. Once I had completed that it was time to create newsletters for all of our stores about what is going on in each store. Once I had completed them I began preparing the December New World cigar subscription. I always enjoy making these as it means I get to be creative about the different cigars I put inside, and I always try to find one that people may have not tried before. This month I have put in an added bonus – after all it is Christmas!

On Thursday I was joined by Sarah, who many of you would have seen before. You will see Sarah a lot more on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as that is when she will join me! I spent plenty of time with her training her on cash handling as well as general shop rules. I also finished doing the Norfolk shop newsletter which gives you all a little introduction to Sarah and Courtney. 

On Friday I finished preparing the subscription leaflets and letters ready to be sent out in Decembers subscription. I also got to serve one of our regulars Tony! He recently bought an Arturo Fuente Magnum Rosado No. 52 and said it was really good. As many of you will know you can only purchase Arturo Fuente cigars in store but each store has different stock so sometimes we won’t have what you want, but don’t worry, if you’re able to come back to the store in a few days we can certainly order it in from another store ready for you to purchase. That is exactly what Tony did and he certainly appreciated it. Later on I created an article on the Cigar Library all about the release of the latest regional release from Habanos – The Por Larranaga 47! It is limited to 1,500 boxes in the UK only! To celebrate we are having an event on the 1st of November where you will get to sample this incredible Churchill sized cigar as well as receive a gift pack to remember to night! Click here to get your tickets now!

On Saturday, I spent my time fully stocking and cleaning our humidors. This is a regular task that must be done as everyone loves walking into our humidors and appreciating the view as well as the aromas contained inside. I also picked orders to give ourselves a head start for Monday

I hope you enjoyed this weeks going on and I hope to see you all in store soon.

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #37

Hi everyone, I’m back again with another weekly blog! I hope you enjoy reading what I get up to on a weekly basis, after all there’s never a dull day when working at Turmeaus!

On Monday, we had plenty of online orders to keep us all busy for the whole day! But we couldn’t stop there as our shop was also extremely busy! Firstly I had a customer who enjoyed a Mitchellero Peru Petit Robusto, as he was going on holiday he decided he needed some longer smokes so decided to go for a box of Toros instead! Quite an upgrade but I’m sure he will enjoy them. I then had someone who wanted cigars for his friends wedding but didn’t want to spend much as they don’t smoke regularly – That’s where a box of Mitchellero Robusto comes in handy! A great size cigar for a bargain price… and they’re a great smoke too! There was also a gentleman who had seen the Youtube short of me talking about my favourite cigar (The Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion Skinny) on the C.Gars channel and wanted to try one for himself, he trusted my judgement so much that he purchased a whole box! 

On Tuesday I concentrated on researching and writing my article for the C.Gars Cigar Library, it was all about the benefits of enjoying cigars, which you can read here. I’m tired of people saying how smoking is a bad habit so I decided to explain why it can be good for you! We also received the delivery of the new limited edition from Davidoff – the Aniversario No. 1! We have been excited to see these incredible Double Coronas which i’m sure will be an amazing smoke to brighten your day! 

Wednesday was my usual day off but I surprised many of my colleagues by popping into the shop, not as an employee but as a customer! I took my wife into the store as she wanted to get her cousin a couple of cigars as a wedding gift. She always wanted to see where I worked but has never had the opportunity to. She was amazed with all the spirits and pipes we had! In the end we purchased a Mitchellero Peru Robusto Extra and an Inka Red Cristales.


On Thursday I spent some time in both humidors giving them a bit of a clean and a stock up. Everyone underestimates this part of the job and how time consuming it can be, after all we are handling an expensive premium product that we must have the utmost respect for. Afterwards I was requested to create a cigar sampler, I decided to choose cigars that you don’t see too often to try to get the name out there and put it alongside a popular yet similar cigar. It’s called the Savour the Flavour sampler and it includes the Eiroa First 20 years Prensado, CLE Signature Robusto and the ever so popular Aladino Corojo Corona! There is only 10 of these in stock and once they’re gone it won’t be coming back so click here to get yours now!



On Friday, after the usual order picking I started creating more Youtube short videos for our content creator Lewis to put on Youtube! In the afternoon, it was the usual stock take but this time I was doing it with Courtney who you will see a lot more of soon! This was her first time counting the Cuban cigars but she did a good job and now she will be part of the weekly rotation.

On Saturday we received delivery of some walkie talkies! (Boys and their toys ). You will see us using these a lot more to help fast track our operations and help your in store experience be as smooth as possible! I also spent more time stocking up the shop to get as many products available for you all to see!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog and I hope to see you all in store very soon!

So long for now


Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #36

Good morning everyone, my apologies for my recent absence. I’ve been on a break, and this blog post will be a little different. It’s a compilation of the highlights of events at the Norfolk store on the days that I was present.

As always I have been writing articles for the C.Gars cigar library. Since my last blog, I have written about My Father Cigars, Our new LCDH store and Puffin Rooms in Edinburgh, and The Mash Tun in Aberlour which is an amazing whisky bar! And this week I wrote about what to do if you have an over-humidified cigar. You can view all of these articles and more here.

We have also had a full building stock take which we do every quarter on top of the usual stock takes I talk about. Stock takes used to take everyone a few days to complete but recently we have been completing them in less than a day! It all comes down to teamwork and seeing who needs help the most.

I have also created November’s New World Subscription box which is worth over £111 but all you pay is £74.99! A massive bargain if you ask me so click here to purchase yours today!

In the Norfolk shop, we have also created a raffle to win a Christmas hamper worth over £200! It is £1 a ticket so next time you are in Norfolk pop in just to get your ticket!

Sharon spent a lot of time organising and decorating the shop for Halloween! And it looks incredible! The best it has looked since I have worked here! Sharon will be leaving us soon to join the Royal Mail team, where she will be booking parcels for online orders. I’m thrilled to announce that Sharon is expecting her first child! Many of the regulars will already know this but others will not so I hope everyone reading will congratulate her and maybe have a glass of whisky to celebrate for her! She will be leaving us around the New Year for her maternity leave so you will all see some newer faces in the shop as we are having a shuffle behind the scenes to cover her. You may notice that Courtney, Sarah, and Evie will be assisting you more frequently. Rest assured that Sharon and I have trained them to maintain the highest level of service for you. However, they are still in the learning phase, so we kindly ask for your patience.

Finally and most importantly, who has been in the shop? We have had plenty of customers purchasing a vast array of products. It was only yesterday that a regular customer purchased a Vauen Auenland pipe for his mother’s birthday. He explained that she had a rustic shed where she displays her pipes which matches that style, so that was the perfect pipe! We also had a regular, Tony come in numerous times. He is always an entertaining customer as sometimes he can’t choose between a few cigars, so I always get the final decision and wait until next time to see if he is happy with it.

So that’s three weeks’ worth of what is going on in the Norfolk store condensed down but I hope to see you all again soon and I will be back with my regular weekly updates.

So long for now,

Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #31

Hi everyone! Another great week has passed as many customers came in to get their favourite cigars and try our latest releases.

On Monday we were busy with plenty of online orders to be picked which took us most of the day, despite the weather going a little bit cooler and windy (at least here in Norfolk it is), plenty of people are still enjoying their favourite smokes. In the store we had a lovely gentleman who wanted to purchase his first pipe – In this situation, we tend to suggest getting a less expensive pipe as you may not enjoy it but you haven’t lost out too much. I tend to suggest Parker pipes as they are a low-budget but well-made pipe. Once he had chosen his pipe, we talked about different tobacco. I always suggest American Blends as it isn’t the strongest, is full of flavour and smells great! He chose the C&V Blend which is Cherry and Vanilla flavoured, I hope he enjoyed it and we will see him again.

On Tuesday I began work on my latest article all about My Father Cigars and I didn’t realise the history behind them despite the brand only being official since 2003! I spent the day researching, writing and then taking pictures, you can read the article here. In the meantime we had a regular who likes to purchase plenty of cigars, he treated himself to some Davidoff Escurios and wanted something different, so I suggested the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa Brulee Robusto as it was new and had huge fanfare! He also purchased the amazing Colibri Quantum Triple Flame Lighter, an unbelievably reliable lighter with a built-in cutter!

On Wednesday I finished all of our shop’s newsletters ready to send out to their local supporters, I always find it interesting to see what our other shops are up to and they sound so fascinating! Sharon and I also spent some time with our newest recruit Robyn. She has recently started part-time working in our packing team but she will be learning the shop aspect too to give us a helping hand now and then. It is always hard learning retail especially in the cigar industry with many strengths and flavour notes to remember but I’m sure she will learn it very fast.

On Thursday, a customer came in wanting to buy a bottle of our Stalla Dhu range as a gift for his father’s birthday. He was unsure which one to get, so he ended up purchasing two 3x5cl gift sets. A great idea and a way to find out his father’s favourite. I also spent most of my day with our humidor supervisor Billy counting the New World humidor stock and again I think we did it in record time! It seemed like a breeze and even left me enough time to write another article and news piece about the new Puffin rooms in Edinburgh! Have you heard about it yet? It sounds truly amazing! Click here to read all about it.

On Friday I put the finishing touches on my shop newsletters and spent a bit more time with Robyn helping her with her cigar knowledge. In the afternoon it was the weekly Cuban stock take with Sharon.
I hope you have enjoyed this week’s goings-on and I hope to see you all in Norfolk soon.

So long for now,
Olly 🙂

Avatar photo A Day in the Life of a Retail Assistant #30

Hi Everyone, another busy week has gone by and I have been kept on my toes with some interesting customers.

Monday was the usual with plenty of online orders keeping myself and Sharon busy for most of the day. I have noticed recently that the Dunbarton cigars are extremely popular with many of our online customers, we have been getting through boxes like there’s no tomorrow! Luckily we have plenty of stock to keep everyone happy! In the afternoon  I began researching for my upcoming article in the C.Gars cigar library. After careful consideration, I chose to focus on Rocky Patel, a fascinating individual with a wealth of information to share. As it turns out, my instincts were spot on!

On Tuesday after my order pickings, I took and edited some pictures to accompany my Rocky Patel article and began writing. By the afternoon I finished writing my article which you can read here. I had a nice gentleman come in who wanted a very special cigar for a big event. I suggested a Davidoff Limited Edition Nicaragua 10th Anniversary Gran Toro as it contains many different flavours and is a new release from Davidoff which means they may not be around for long. We also had a gentleman who had been to our store in Tenerife, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to go out there but he reassured me that it was a beautiful store with an amazing sampling lounge.

On Thursday myself and Billy had to do a stock take on our New World cigars. This is a very difficult task and is only getting harder with many new cigar brands coming in almost daily! Like Chateau Diadem Conviction, a beautiful-looking cigar in a stunning box. They have been very popular since we started stocking them, with many customers coming back for more! Afterwards, I served a group of gentlemen who were having a get-together this weekend and wanted a few cigars to go with them. One of them had been in before but the rest didn’t so needed a lot of guidance which I’m happy to oblige. In the end, they all had a Regius Serie Limitada and decided to sample our award-winning Stalla Dhu Whiskies, they decided on the new Glen Elgin 11-Year-Old Madeira Finish Cask Strength.

Friday morning we had Ben learning how to serve customers in the shop. He began by doing my online order pickings which he picked up extremely well. Once they were done, Sharon taught him how to serve our customers and even had him shadow us when we were with them. While Sharon was teaching Ben I created September’s New World Cigar Subscription and it is a good one! I have also included a little gift which I’m sure will hit the mark ;).

In the afternoon I and Sharon did our usual Cuban stock take, however, we have a new arrival of the Montecristo Wide Edmundo! The brand now has its fourth cigar named Edmundo, succeeding the original launched in 2004.

On Saturday I was joined in the shop with Sarah and Evie, together we did all of the Saturday pickings and then had the daunting task of checking all of the pricing of the pipes in our pipe room! If you have never been to the Norfolk shop (why haven’t you?), you won’t have seen the amount of pipes we have out on display, there are loads out for you to see and even more in their boxes on shelves! It really is like the wand shop from Harry Potter!

Once we completed that we had a well earned cup of coffee and carried on picking our orders.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks goings on and I hope to see you all in the Norfolk shop soon!

So long for now